30 April 2010

Y3W: Appt. Update

Being told that your baby is almost 8 pounds when you still have 5 weeks to go is something that no pregnant woman wants to hear.

Am I right, or am I right?

Yep, that's about what our baby girl weighs right now. She's well on her way to "monster baby" status.

I'm fine with that.

I know monster baby. I've had a monster baby. I love monster babies. :)

My appointment yesterday was interesting, to say the least. Nothing was as I expected it to be. We had our ultrasound first and we could barely see a thing. I swear Brynn's head took up the entire screen. Luckily, the tech was able to get the measurements she needed and then she told us the news...

Brynn's nearing the 8 pound mark and is already in the 98-100%tile.

True story.

Now I know that growth ultrasounds can be +/- a pound in either direction, but given Carter's size at birth {9lbs 5oz and 21.5in born 2 full weeks early} I highly doubt its off by much.

Then came my regular appointment with my doctor. I gained 3 pounds {total is now 22lbs} and she took my blood pressure.


No, it was better than perfect.

All I could do was laugh... that's how perfect it was.

So, here I am... at 35 weeks. With perfect blood pressure. And pregnant with a monster baby.

Now, I am in no way complaining {well, I guess I kind of am, but it's my blog so I'm allowed too, right?} I am VERY happy that my ultrasound went well, that Brynn looked perfectly HUGE perfect, and that my blood pressure was amazing. I truly am very very happy about those things.

But... I'm tired. And my belly... it HURTS. And I'm ready to meet her.

With that being said, I also know that I just need to be patient and wait! And I'm okay with that. =)

So how long do I need to wait?

May 24th.

Yep, my doctor pushed my induction BACK. I'll be 39w3d.


The good news is, I had my first internal yesterday and I've made some progress. You ready for this?

I'm 4 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced.

At 35 weeks.

Though every ounce of my being thinks that I will make it to my induction date of May 24th, 4 centimeters is a very good start. Who knows, I may even have this baby girl on my own... now isn't that a novel idea ;)

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Shan said...

yay for monster babies!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that you and Brynn are doing well. But I understand the frustration of waiting. You have progressed more than me and I'm 38 weeks! At this point I think you might go into labor before I do! May 24th? I doubt it, hon. She'll be here before then!!!

MrsKBJ said...

It sounds like you are doing great! I think you might have her before May 24th!

Also, that is awesome that you got your leave approved. It sounds like a great plan!

Have a great weekend!!

Lacey said...

Here I am whining at 36w2d because my belly hurts and I feel like I'm running out of room - and all the while you're working with an 8+ pounder! You are my hero! If you can make it, I can make it with my 6.5 - 7 pounder.

YAY for your 4cm!! I had an appt. yesterday and I got nothing - just a soft cervix. I couldn't help but cry right there in the doctor's office. I was really hoping to hear some positive news - some progress. I can't wait to see Ms. Brynn...and Ms. Molly! It's exciting to share this with another Mama - even if we are well...stranger. haha.

Amy from Lizzy Beth said...

WOW nelly....already 8lbs!! Hopefully you go on your own! 4cm is a lot!!! If you have to be induced it wont take long at all!! Cant wait to see her!

Anonymous said...

I know I already said something on fb, but I cannot get over 4 cm and 70%. That is insane! You are having that baby on your own girl. Seriously, those numbers are outrageous. By the time you get to the hospital, you'll be so close that you might as well go natural. ;)

Stephanie said...

4cms? Holy crap Jenni. I don't think you'll make it to your induction date. I think you'll see little Brynn before that. And I'm happy to hear that your blood pressure is perfect.

Jeannie said...

YAY for monster babies!! Having birthed a 9lbs, 14oz I love monster babes! 4 cm!! Holy buckets Jen..I'd have to say that is a very good start :-) I'm so glad to hear that you and Brynn are healthy!

Letherton said...

glad the pregnancy is going well

From FF and wanted to say hi.
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I have lots of great giveaways going on, photography posts and posts about my life too.
Thanks :)

Unknown said...

All my babies were monsters BUT they are all healthy and strong that way!
The end of pregnancy is hell...So anaways...It is super hard. You are almost there!
Happy Friday Follow!
Following your blog and would love if you follow back!
I also have a French Obsession Party and Give away tomorrow!!

Sara said...

HOLY CRAP, Jenni!!! I'm no expert, but 8 pounds, 4 cm and 70%?!?! I hardly you think you'll make it to 38w never mind 39w3d.

I think you could go anytime with a baby that big and progress like that. Either way, nothing matters as long as Brynn and Mama are healthy!

In case you go anytime now GOOD LUCK and post pics ASAP so we can all see your gorgeous baby girl!

Jeni said...

wow mine were all 8 lbs and under, I feel for you! Following you from FF! Find me at www.jeniwashere.blogspot.com

Mommy Moreno said...

oh emmm geee girlfriend!!!! YOURE HAVING A BABY!!! :D lol. 4cm?! isnt that practically qualify you as IN LABOR??

Im so excited for you! Cant wait to see pics!

Christina said...

I know how you feel with the big belly. :( My son was average size, but I carried so much fluid that I was always measuring large (and VERY HIGH). It was beyond uncomfortable.

The good news for you is that you are NOT making it to May 24. I would be surprised if you make it to 37 weeks!

You will be going on your own soon! Good luck!

BTW, I predicted my friend would go into labor on Monday (she was 2 cm, 80% at 38 weeks) and she had the baby on Wed after 4 hours of labor. So hopefully I am right for you too!

Unknown said...

ADORABLE Blog!! We are your newest followers from FF!!! So happy to have found you. We'll be back and hope to have you come by our place:


Here's to a GREAT weekend!

Anonymous said...

Im guessing you will have her around May 8! WoW she is big :) Cant wait to see your lil munchkin!

Audrey said...

congrats on the progress...and I will agree that you probably won't make it to your scheduled induction! good luck!

Jen said...

You gotta love big babies!!! DD #1 was 8lbs. 6oz and I can already tell #2 is just as big if not bigger. I bet you go by 38 weeks! GDLK!

Larissa: said...

WOW!! I hope you make it to May 24th... but I don't think you will :-) Good luck with everything and take it easy! Life is about to get crazy with 2 little ones!

Shannon said...

Thats so exciting!! Lets hope you go on your own soon:-)

heather@actingbalanced.com said...

4 cm and 70% - i'd have your bag packed and ready in the car... the internal may even have helped it along... I'm predicting 37 weeks even... good luck!

Mindy said...

Wow!!!! 8 lbs!?! :) My family swears the bigger the baby the easier to push him or her out..

If you are 4 cm..I definitely think you will have Brynn before your induction date.

faith ann raider said...

WOW!! Good for you. If you are that far along already hopefully your delivery will go well!

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