27 April 2010

35 Weeks

This picture was taken on Saturday, just before I left for my surprise baby sprinkle {I thought we were all going out to dinner!} What a fun day =)

Something happened to me over the weekend. Do you remember this post? {Of course you do... I wrote it like 2 seconds ago.} Well, I'm happy to report that I no longer feel that way. I'm not nervous about labor anymore. I don't know what happened to me since I wrote that post, but I now just feel.... excited. I mean, really excited. I'm overwhelmingly happy and I can not wait to meet my little girl.

I also feel READY, which is a very important step.

I'm ready for her to come. I'm ready to go through labor again. I'm ready to be a mom of 2 under 2. I'm just.... ready.

I spent most of Sunday putting all our gifts/clothes away in her room and then shopping for last minute items. And, this weekend, we plan to get all of the infant items back out again {baby swing, bouncy seat, activity mat, travel swing, infant car seat and bases, bassinet, etc.} and I'm going to start washing all the covers to those things as well as a few loads of baby clothes that I think she'll be wearing over the first few weeks.

I'll also be packing our hospital bags. Ahhhhh. {You can view the items I plan on packing here.} I'll be 36 weeks on Saturday, which means that we're likely down to 2 weeks until she finally makes her big debut. {YAY!!!} And with a busy Mother's Day weekend ahead on the 8th and 9th, I feel like this weekend coming up is the last weekend we will really have to finish most of this stuff!

Right now, I'm just trying my best to have everything finished so that there are no very few surprises before her arrival, which means that I'm officially in "to do" list mode. It's getting lengthy.

And, in case you forgot.... it's May on Saturday. MAY. My baby girl's birthday month.

Pregnancy: 35 weeks {belly pic taken at 35w0d}

Weight Gain: 19 pounds total

Sleep: I feel like I exert as much effort to turn over in my bed as someone would who was running a marathon.

Gender: Girl

Name: Brynn Sophia

Feeling: Ready.

Health: BP is starting to rise. Reflux is still awful. Weight is still okay.

Movement: Though she has slowed down a bit, she keeps rubbing her knees and elbows along the front of my belly and then kicking my right side {and hitting a nerve!} Ouch.

Belly: Measuring 5 weeks ahead. No stretch marks {yet} and very light linea negra.

Next Appointment: This Thursday, April 29th at 35w5d. I have my second growth ultrasound during the appointment and then maybe my first internal and Group B Strep test. Not sure yet! If it's not Thursday, then it will be next week.

I also hope to talk to my doc about her hospital schedule just to get a better idea of days that I could possibly be induced... unless it's an emergency situation, I want to wait to be induced on a day that she can do it.

And I also have weekly appointments now. Wow, that happened fast, huh?

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Shan said...

this entire post makes me smile!! I can't wait to see pictures of her, and of Carter with her!

Steph said...

This pregnancy has really flown by (for me)! But then again, none of it is actually happening to me. Can't wait to meet Brynn!

Sarah said...

Aww, I'm so glad to hear that you feel more ready. Good luck at your appt.

I love your new picture...so pretty!

Unknown said...

You always look great in your weekly photos. :) What a BIG belly, you're so lucky not to have stretchmarks yet!

Crystal Escobar said...

What!!! Only 10 lbs? Girl, how do you do it? I gained almost 50 lbs with my last baby. And oh boy, do I hear ya on the rolling over in bed. I remember those days :)
Anyway, I'm new to your blog, totally love it! I'm visiting you from Kelly @Spice it up. She raved about you, so I HAD to check you out :) It's fun to meet other moms. I voted for you on top baby blogs, and became a follower.
Oh, and I LOVE the song playing on your blog. I immediately went to itunes and purchased it. So beautiful!

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks girls!

@ Crystal- 10lbs?? I wish! No it's 19lbs so far, lol. Thanks for checking out the blog and voting... so sweet of you =)

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