09 February 2010


Did we go out in the 30 inches of snow this past weekend? No.

Actually, on Sunday while getting ready to leave for a Super Bowl party, Carter and I stood on the newly shoveled sidewalk so that Bob could turn his truck around to avoid me walking on ice {awwwww. I really think he just cares about the new baby.}

Anyway, Carter and I were outside for 25... maybe 30 minutes seconds while all this was going on and Carter started crying. It was like 10 degrees outside, so I don't blame him. He looked up at me with tears in his eyes and his face said it all...

"I'm a July baby and it's too effing cold out here for me"

His August mama agrees.

I did capture one picture that I love. A copy of a pic I took of my Carter Man last year during the March 1st storm {OMG, he looks so little in those pictures!!!}

My little man looking out the window. The snow is okay from the comfort of your climate controlled living room. {Carter is 7 months in this picture.}
And this weekend, watching his daddy shovel the snow outside. He was talking to him the whole time. It was adorable.
Oh, and one more of my TWO boys =)

PS- 20 more inches tonight, folks. You ready Philly? At least this storm will actually get us out of work... is that really too much to ask?

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Mommy Moreno said...

oh man - I dont know how you do it .... when it drops below 50 degrees around here im whining! :-/

Love that last pic!

Anonymous said...

I cannot even fathom 50 inches of snow...

Steph said...

I'm ready! Bring it on!

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