08 February 2010

I've been awarded.

Kelly, over at Spice it Up nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award and I'm so honored! Kelly found my blog through a mutual friend, Erynn, and I'm so glad that she found me interesting enough to stick around ;) And she's a LOST fan which makes her even more awesome. Thanks so much for this award Kelly!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2. Copy the award & place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4. Share 7 interesting things about myself.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.

Seven Interesting Facts:
Let's see....
1. Bob and I were married on our 5 year dating anniversary. We started dating on 11.11.01 and when we got engaged in May of 2005, we knew we wanted to get married in the fall... our favorite season! When looking at the 2006 calendar, we originally picked October 7, 2006 {I love October and 7 is Bob's favorite number} but then my sister Kacy pointed out that November 11, 2006 was a Saturday and we knew right away that we just had to take it! {And good thing b/c 10.7.06 was cold and rainy while our wedding day of 11.11.06 was sunny and 75 degrees!} So... I guess I should be thanking Kacy? Nah.

2. I have 2 sisters. {I'm a middle child...does that explain a lot?} They're my best friends. Now I know everyone says this, but it's true. I literally have no idea what kind of person I would be or what the heck I would do without them. I talk to them everyday {I see my little sister everyday because we work together and live around the corner from each other} and we get together almost every weekend to do something fun. They're just... the best and I love them very much.

3. My sisters and I all got married within 18 months of each other. Kacy was 5.14.05 {coming up on 5 years... YAY!} Bob and I actually got engaged the week Kacy and Ryan returned from their honeymoon so it was fun to start the process over again! Kristi and Matt were then engaged about a month after us.

Let's see... Kristi was married on 6.9.06 and we were married on 11.11.06. What a great {and expensive!} 18 months that was! We also all had the same DJ, photographer {the amazing Laura Novak!} and various other vendors... which are all a part of our family now =)

4. My dad is a walking miracle.

5. All the babies in our family have been born on Friday's. My nephew Ben was Friday, March 30, 2007. Carter was Friday, July 18, 2008. And Grace was Friday, September 26, 2008. I really hope Brynn is born on a Friday too! =) {It's very convenient, thank you very much.}

6. In the same respect, everyone in my family has an "8" in their birthday. Let's see... I'm 8.9.79 {I love my birthday}, Bob is 9.16.80, Kaiser, our puppy, is 5.8.06, and Carter is 7.18.08. I wonder if Brynn will follow the trend!? That would be May 8th, 18th, or 28th. And only the 28th is a Friday... so that's the day she would need to come if she were to follow both of these family rules, lol.

And I sure hope she comes before the 28th!! I'm due the 29th, so technically it's possible, but not very likely given my health history and "monster baby syndrome" {see #7.} I'm sure she'll come 1-2 weeks early.

7. Get this... although Carter was 9lbs 5oz, he's the smallest baby on my side of the family. My parents, me, and my 2 sisters were all bigger babies {I was 10lbs even and 24in when I was born. I was 2 FEET TALL! Ahhhh.} Also, my nephew and neice were bigger than Carter. Ben was 10lbs 2oz and born 2 days after his due date. Grace was 9lbs 12oz and born 1 week before her due date.

Poor "little" Carter is the peanut in the family. Do you believe that? I always say he didn't have a fair shot. Yes, he was 9lbs 5oz, but he was born TWO weeks early! I think he could have beaten them all if he wasn't forced out.

But I sure am glad he didn't get that chance.

Now for the nominations!!
1. Steph, from A Grande Life. We have become such good friends over the past 2 years and I'm so lucky to know her. =)

2. Molly, from Singing at a Stoplight. Molly is the sweetest thing ever! Check out her blog... she's currently PG with her second baby boy! YAY!

3. Kristal, from Good Food, Good Friends, Good Life. {Although I think Erynn nominated you too, but that's okay... you're that cool.} I've known Kristal since before I was married {has it really been that long?} and she is awesome. And she's a new mommy, so she definitely deserves an award {or two} for that!

4. Suzanne, from Becoming a Family of Four. She just started her blog, so go check her out... she's pretty awesome ;)

5. Danielle, from The Botbyl Family. I've known "Rambo" since... I couldn't even tell you when we first met. Do you remember Danielle!?! Before high school, right? Sheesh. We were on the same soccer team for so long. So I've known her "forever" and she is so great. She has 2 beautiful girls and is currently pregnant with baby #3! Can't wait to find out what you're having!!

6. Kerri, from The Fashonista Files. Ker and I have grown close over the past 2 years and she sure does know everything about style! She's recently become a stylist for Stella & Dot and has a mix of things on her blog, so check it out!

7. Toni, from Jack Attack. I made Toni's wedding invitations a few years ago and through emails and such we found out just how much we have in common! Now she has a sweet little boy, Jack, and moved in not too far from me =)

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Steph said...

And I am so lucky to you know you too! Thanks for the award.

MrsKBJ said...

I loved reading all your random facts! I can't wait to see if your baby girl is born on and "8" :) that is so neat! Yay for LOST tommorrow!! :0)

Suzanne said...


danielle said...

Thanks for the nomination! You rock! And, I think we've know each other since freshman year of HS... but I could be wrong. But, we definitely played soccer together ALL THROUGH HS. Oh, the fun times we had on our soccer trips. Great memories!

Bridget said...

Bob and I have the same birthday(although I was born in 1983)!!!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Steph & Suzanne- YW =)

@ Kelly- Can't wait! And I don't think she'll be born on an "8" OR a Friday, lol.

@ Danielle- Sheesh. That's a long time!

@ Bridget- I feel like that's a really popular birthday for some reason!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! THANK YOU so much for this award! It is my very first blog award so even more special for me! I'm so glad I "met" you, Jenni. I really feel like you're one of my long lost sorority sisters ;)

Anonymous said...

P.S. Landon has three 8s in his birthday AND was born on a Friday :)

jenni from the blog said...

@ Molly- Can I keep him? ;)

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