15 January 2010


Besides the fact that I have a 3-day weekend that could not have come at a better time, I also have a wonderful Saturday to look forward too. For Christmas, my older sister, Kristi, bought the best gift for our mom, myself, and our little sister Kacy- a girls day out! Heaven.

I did something similar last year and we had the BEST time EVER! Well, because I'm out of drinking commission until May, Kristi decided to get everyone gift cards to a very exclusive spa for massages and then dinner gift cards to The Capital Grille. YUM! I have been excited about this day since Christmas Eve {when my sisters and I exchange gifts.} I literally can not sit still, I'm so excited.

Um, HELLO? What sounds better than this?
Nothing, right!?! le sigh.

Besides my massage at 3:30 and dinner sometime after, I am also getting my hair cut and highlighted in the morning. YAY! So not only will I be lookin' good {or as good as I can look ;) } I'll be feelin' good as well!

So excited =)


Becki said...

This sounds so fantastic, and makes me wish {even more} that I lived closer to my mom and sister so we could all get together for things like this! Enjoy your day of pampering!

On another note, I have been wanting to know for a while now the names of some of the fonts you use frequently. I am totally a font junkie, and LOVE the ones you use. Specifically, I really like the one you've used in the image on this post as well as the "from the blog" font in your header. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That does sound like heaven! Have fun!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Becki- Like you, I have a slight obsession with fonts. Just slight, I swear ;)

Header: Mahogany Script
Y3W Picture: Albemarle Swash (one of my go-to fonts.

I also adore "Pharmacy" "Sweetheart" and "Aphrodite Pro" =)

Becki said...

Thanks, so much! I'm having so much fun playing with my two new fonts. Were you able to find the Mahogany Script, Sweetheart, and Aphrodite Pro for free on any sites? DH was let go from his company last week, and I can't quite justify spending $ on fonts right now (even though I could add some extra sass to his resume...lol)!

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