01 January 2010

Happy New Year {in Y3W!}

I did this last New Year's Day and it was so fun to look back on the year that we had together. So here is the 2009 edition and my attempt at summing up each month in just 3 words...

January: Happy Half Birthday!

February: Carter says "dada."

March: Benjamin turns TWO!

April: Reenie gets married =)

May: On the move!

June: Carter's first game!
July: It's party time!!

August: The big 3-0.
September: Baby makes FOUR!
October: Trick-or-treat
November: Happy 3 Years!
December: It's a GIRL!

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2010. I think it's going to be a great year =)


MrsKBJ said...

Hi Jenni! I love your new blog tile! We spoke last year some time about a black dress you wore that I loved. I happen to be on Erynn's blog and saw your blog again. I am adding you to my list. I love mommy blogs and you have such a fun blog. Congrats on baby #2- very exciting! Happy New Year! I look forward to reading about your mommy adventures!

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