31 December 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas this year! I took a ton of pictures {like always} and I wanted to share just a few with you =)

Carter's first present! My sister Kacy, and her husband Ryan, who also happen to be Carter's Godparents, always come over for Christmas Eve breakfast. Uncle Ryan calls Carter "Thunder" {long story, but he got that nickname before he was born} so this shirt was perfect for him...
Here we are at our annual Christmas Eve lunch at a local restaurant that we love. Kacy, my dad, and me...
Ben eating his ice creamy!
Gracie girl =)
Kristi and I
Carter and I at my parents Christmas Eve party... my favorite party of the year!
Bob, Carter, and I :)
Christmas morning! Love this little guy...
Kai Kai always opens his presents and stocking first!
Carter and I before opening our gifts...
The three {well technically FOUR} of us ;)
Carter loved the gift bags almost as much as his gifts!
Little Einstein PJ's! He goes around all day saying "Rah, Rah, Raaaaah" {for Rocket} so he just loved these pj's =)
Opening his favorite gift...
...a soccer ball! We should have waited to open this last b/c he didn't want to open anything else after it. We actually had to HIDE the ball.
His Little People wagon and blocks and you can kinda see his Mickey Magic Choo Choo as well... another big hit!
He found his ball and wouldn't let go. He even had to eat breakfast with it =)
Off to my parents house for a big breakfast and a ton more gifts!
Carter loves to sit in my parents toy closet. We could probably leave him there for a day or two and come back and he'd still be sitting in there!I think he liked his new Radio Flyer scooter from GG and Poppy!
After many many presents at my parents, we headed over to Bob's parents house for even more madness =) This was one of Carter's favorite presents.... a real piano from Aunt Brianna!!
He also loved his tricycle from Grammy and Grandpop! He is SO spoiled!
Carter Man was the drum player during Rock Band. He did much better than me.
The damage the day after Christmas. This might be half of it...
Did you see that beautiful yellow thing in the picture? Look again. Did you see it? My parents got me a DYSON!!!
Isn't she so pretty? ;)

I was very spoiled this year as well. I got a lot of wonderful gifts from everyone! A "mommy-to-be" massage, a Dyson, maternity clothes, dinner gift cards, Visa gift cards, a whole bunch of other wonderfulness. And this...
...from my sister...
I was SO EXCITED!!! Bob got one too and we went to the Apple store the day after Christmas to get our new phones. I thought it would be complete madness, but they actually had it very organized! We only waited in a line outside the store for maybe 5 minutes, and then we were in and out in 20 minutes with our phones all set up for us. We were shocked!

As for Bob and I, we decided to not really exchange this year. I got him a few little things {a Phillies hat, jeans, a few shirts, ESPN magazine subscription, an electric razor & shoes... okay so more than a few} and he got me a few maternity sweaters and jeans that I picked out and also put the new Harry Potter movie in my stocking. I thought that was all I got {and I was thankful for that!} but at the very bottom of my stocking were these...

Vintage diamond earrings. Aren't they gorgeous!?! I LOVE them! Hmmmm, I wonder if there is a matching necklace? {there is... I already checked ;)}

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I can't believe it's almost 2010!!!! Be safe tonight!


Anonymous said...

#1 - Gracie's jacket with the fur hood is too cute!

#2 - Love that Carter had breakfast with his soccer ball.

#3 - I sorta hate you for getting the Dyson. I'm jealous!

#4 - For two people who were "not exchanging gift", you and Bob sure did get each other a lot. :)

Steph said...

Love that piano! And definitely try to get that necklace!

Anonymous said...

Wow, um, I'm officially jealous! You seriously cleaned up! iphones, diamond earrings, a DYSON!!! I got my sisters dish towels, lol ; )

I hope you have a happy New Year and get to wear those earrings very soon. They are gorg.

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