14 January 2010

Carter's Room

After looking back at my blog the other day, I noticed that I have never posted pictures of Carter's completed nursery. Because it's my absolute favorite room in the house, this shocked me. What the heck! Oh well... better late then never!

First, this is the bedding that we choose for Carter Man. It's MiGi Pinwheels and I've loved it since the moment I saw it. I am not a fan of baby rooms in general or nurseries with themes, so this was perfect.

From there, the room was born. I ordered the one striped blanket {hanging over the chair in the picture} and took it to Home Depot to pick out paint. Here's what we decided on:

Perfect. What's next? Ah, cleaning out the room & closet, of course. The room wasn't so bad, but the closet was awful. Awful. Not only did it have hideous pink wallpaper on the walls, it was also on the ceiling. Nice. So we removed it, painted the closet white and put a whole new organizer system in there.

Next up, painting the room and then putting up the chair rail.... both were fairly easy. Once we had the furniture, glider/ottoman, bedding and other fun room stuff, it really came to life. Here are {more than a few} pictures...

First, let's go around the room... {FYI: the nursery furniture is called the Baby Italia Pinehurst Collection in Tea Stain and I highly recommend it.}

Cute right? =)

Next, let's talk organization. Carter's dresser/changer {which we use everyday!} has 2 cabinets on either side, so I decided to buy canvas baskets for the shelves. We keep pampers, wipes, shoes, extra changing pads, extra sheets, and all kinds of stuff in them. It's just so convienent that they're always there {especially the pampers and wipes!}
Next is the armoire. I LOVE this thing. I decided to buy 6 clear plastic tubs for the shelves and they were originally used for onsies and comfy outfits {which were divided by size} with labels on the outside of the containers. Now, we mostly use the armoire for Carter's everyday {i.e. comfy} clothing. His shirts are hanging up and his pants are in each of the tubs, which is MUCH easier then trying to hang them all!
Carter HATES when doors are open. So I had about 3.2 seconds to take the picture above before this happened...
Hehe. I love that kid =)

Okay, let's move to the closet. First, we got this closet organizer at Home Depot and LOVE it. It has plenty of room to hang stuff and the shelves are awesome for additional storage. We use the closet for Carter's nice/dress clothes. His pants/jeans/khaki's/cords, etc are hanging to the left, sweaters are on the top, and lighter shirts {button-ups, etc} are down the bottom.
Do you see Brynn's new dress?? =) How did that get in there? The truth is, the closet in her room is used for storage now, so she has a few things in Carter's room for the time being. I love that dress! {thanks Aunt Kacy and Uncle Ryan!}

We put more canvas totes on the top shelf for more storage {blankets, shoes, etc.}
I really need to get this kid a bookcase. Right now, all of his books are on a shelf in his closet. Oh, and there's a little glove and baseball signed my one of my good friend's brother, who is a starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres. Too cute =) {Thanks Erin!} I really need to put that out somewhere...
Above his pants we have a basket full of lotions, baby Q-tips, and a lot of his hats. Also, a few pair of shoes that he wears often {the Adidas shell-tops are my FAVORITE!!!}
Okay, now for a few details...

This is the glider/ottoman that we have and absolutely freaking LOVE. It's the Dutailier XL Micro Glider in Ecru. This thing is heaven.
The very first purchase we made after finding out we were having a BOY! We got it a Babies R Us.

Hamper & step stool from Pottery Barn Kids:

Carter's Anywhere Chair. I love this thing. We plan on moving this in the corner of the room where the glider is now and adding a bookshelf there to create a little play/reading area for him. The glider is moving in to Brynn's room =)
That's the "Carter" train I used for my maternity picture on the side of my blog =)
Cute little bear pictures from Ikea!
I love this thing. Another purchase from Babies R Us.
See that Toys R Us truck? That was my favorite toy growing up! My dad cleaned it up and then surprised me with it. LOVE. You can read the hilarious story of how I got the truck here.
One of Carter's Christmas presents from GG and Poppy... a baseball-shaped hat holder!
With his name =)Above the crib...

I love this frame from Pottery Barn Kids!! It was given to us in the hospital {thanks Mrs. T and Reenie!} the day we had Carter and I displayed it at his first birthday party =) It's awesome to see how much he has grown. He is too handsome!
Okay, let's talk more about these wall letters. I bought plain white letters at Micahel's and hung them above Carter's crib. Well Brianna, Bob's sister decided that she wanted to paint them for Carter as a gift {she is a wonderful, wonderful artist and is a junior at a very prestigious art school!} She then wrapped them up and gave them to Carter for his first birthday.
Aren't they beautiful!?!?!?! Thanks Auntie "Na Na Na" ;)

Here is the matching rug for the Migi Pinwheels bedding that we have...
And the lamp that I just LOVE...
And my sweet little Carter Man playing in his room while his crazy mom was taking pictures...
I'll tell ya one thing, my kid will NEVER forget his name, will he!?!?!

So, there ya have it. Carter's room. My favorite room in the house.... so far. ;)


Anonymous said...

I love his room! I love that you used a bedding set but didn't go over the top with all the matching stuff - it's perfect! And I think the little reading area with that anywhere chair will be adorable.

Kristin said...

so so so cute!

The Vronko Family! said...

I love this room. It also gives me a lot of ideas because our little boy will be Carter as well :). Thanks for sharing!

Candace said...

Love Carter's nursery! Question for you - What template do you use in Blogger? Also, what Layout do you choose? The formatting of your texts and pictures always looks so neat. I'm having the hardest time with mine. I get spacing I don't want, etc.


staci said...

Love it! I wish Aidan's room was that big. Do you know I still haven't finished his room? The PBKids letters are still in the box. Maybe I'll do that soon so I, too, can take pictures of the finished product! Man, they grow too fast!

Moorhouse said...

is that a breathable bumper? if so, do you like/ recommend it? i am considering getting one for connor.

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks everyone!!

@ Kristal- thanks hun, I agree! And I already have a matching bookshelf in my old room at home, so I just need to bring it over =)

@ Candace- I know we talked last night, but let me know if you have any other questions!

@ Staci- once they come, it just gets crazy and it's so hard to find time!! I had to set aside time to finish Carter's room!

@ Courtney- LOVE it. Get one, they're great! We are getting one for the new baby girl as well =)

Sarah said...

I love this room, it's so fresh, clean, and adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!!

staci said...

PS-can I just tell you how jealous I am of those hardwood floors (oh, and again, the size of the room)? :-)
Also, thanks to this post of yours it motivated me to finish Aidan's this weekend. I even started cleaning it last night. Thanks!

jenni from the blog said...

Hehe... no problem Stac!

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know where I could find a similar baseball cap holder? That is really cute

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing! ~Cassandra (May08CapeBride)

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