30 December 2009

New name, same great blog

So, with the pending arrival of Brynn, the blog name has officially changed to "jenni from the blog" and I love it =)

I plan on changing the URL to the blog as well, but I wanted to give a fair warning in advance about this. Anyone that links directly to my blog {through their "favorites" tab} or has a link to my blog on the side of their blog, will need to update it with the new link.

Unfortunately, I can not give you the new link until after I change it {which really won't help you much!} so I'm trying to figure how to make this work without losing you!

I do know that anyone that is an official follower of my blog will be automatically redirected to the new URL location. Therefore, I think the best thing to do is to become a follower by clicking on the "Follow" link on the side of my blog.

I'm trying to change the URL to jennifromtheblog.blogspot.com and I think it's still open {I tried it before and it worked} but I won't know until it's officially changed. I'll likely change it sometime next week and will post about it again before I make it official.

But, become a follower people! That way I won't lose you ;)


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