29 December 2009

18 weeks

Pregnancy: 18 weeks {belly pic taken 18w1d}

Weight Gain: I'm up 5 pounds total {but let's not even talk about Christmas.}

Sleep: My favorite part of the day, is falling asleep cuddling with my Carter Man. He is such a good cuddler. So I think, even when I'm huge and uncomfortable, I will always be able to sleep while I'm huggin my little man.

Gender: It's a GIRL! =) Pics and details to come soon.

Name: Brynn Sophia! And it's SO WONDERFUL to call her by her name now!

Feeling: Still feelin' good.

Health: Pretty good. My ribs have started to hurt really bad lately, though. This happened much later when I was PG with Carter, but it doesn't surprise me that it would happen earlier this time. I got big pretty fast and I feel like every organ in my body is sitting right under my ribs right now. Good times.

Movement: She moves around a lot. You should have seen our little munchkin during the ultrasound... she was so cute.

Belly: My belly button is out for good now. No stretch marks {yet.} I'm hoping that it's a repeat of my pregnancy with Carter and the stretch marks never come. That would be awesome.

Next Appointment: January 20th at 21w4d


Larissa: said...

You look great! I'm so jealous that you didn't get stretch marks with Carter! I got them with Brock and they were super dark. They lightened up before I got pregnant with Lillian and as by belly has grown this time around, the stretch marks have stayed light! You're so lucky!!

jenni from the blog said...

I fully expected stretch marks and was shocked when they never came! I'm hopeful that the same thing will happen again {as I hope Brynn isn't bigger than Carter was!!} but we'll see!

What can ya do, ya know? They're well earned battle scars ;)

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