21 September 2009

Back to School

...now I'm going to have the "back to school" song from Billy Madison stuck in my head.

Well, fall term started today {the University that I work for is on the quarter system} so all the kiddos are back on campus. Let me just tell you... I'm going crazy. Our office waiting room has been packed to the brim since 9am this morning. I actually had to shut my door for 2 minutes this morning so that I could eat my Special K bar and drink 2 sips of coffee. Sheesh.

But that is not the point of my post. This is...

Today marks the first day back to school for Bob! He started his UG degree awhile ago, but stopped going when he got a great job doing exactly what he wanted to do. It happens often. But after 7 years with that company, he was laid off and the realization that he hadn't finished school had set in. So, he decided to go back!! He's my hero. You know how hard it is to go back to school and finish your degree??? HARD! And I am so unbelievably proud of him.

So best of luck to you, honey. I am so proud of you. You were accepted to a great school, with a great major, and you'll be finished before you know it =) We have a lot to look forward too and I love you so much! xoxo


Unknown said...


5 years with the company. My wife was too busy at work while posting this to notice.

jenni from the blog said...

Whatever, jerk! I take back my post!

Love you :)

Anonymous said...


Yay for Bob!! Chad did the same - left school to take a job that was exactly what he was going to school for. But I'm always telling him he should go back and finish his degree.

ashley said...

i've got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, i hope i don't get in a fight! lol, now it's stuck in my head!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go! I think it is an incredibly difficult decision to go back to school. It's hard work but totally worth it in the end.

grammy brenda said...

aweeee,thanks for being a supportive wife! You're a lucky man Bobby!

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