24 September 2009

I'm old.

While teaching one of my {college level} classes the other day, a student mentioned that he lived in Amsterdam in 1997 when he was 5. All the students in the class "oooed" and "ahhhhed" and thought it was so cool. As for me, all I could say was...

"YOU WERE 5 IN 1997!?!?!"

I feel old.

PS- I promise to update the blog with pics and everything from the wedding this past weekend. I haven't had a single second to sit down and blog about it because work is sooooo crazy right now! Not only that, but it's Gracie's 1st birthday on Saturday!!!! I've been helping my sister with that a lot at night too, but the post is coming soon. Even if I have to stay up all night to do it! {Yeah, like that'll happen...}


Anonymous said...

You are not old, lol.

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