18 August 2009


That's right. My family and friends threw me a surprise 30th birthday party this past Saturday. They were trying to trick me by having it a week after my birthday... sneaky sneaky!

My sisters did a fabulous job decorating for this luau-themed party and it was such a beautiful night to be outside! Here are a few pictures...

Kacy and Ryan's deck:The Tiki-BarCarter, my wobbly walker...My sisters had a Hawaiian shirt all ready for Carter when we got there... too cute!"Happy Birthday to meeeeee"Okay, so the candles on the cake were suppose to say "Oh no, the big 3-0" but Kacy broke the "N" candle, so it ended up saying......that's right "The big 3-0 Ho" Nice.

The 30 glasses I had to sport all night.
Carter refused to eat cake at his 1st birthday party because he didn't want to get his hands dirty. But at my party, it's fine...

Laying with Uncle Ryan, Carter's BFF.
My MIL was wonderful enough to keep Carter over night so that we could enjoy the rest of the party. It was only the 2nd time he's stayed over night anywhere since he was born, but since I didn't know about the party and didn't have much time to think about it, I was fine =)
What's a party without a little BP...
"30 Sucks"
Loved the glasses!
Thanks so much to my wonderful family and friends. I'm SUCH a lucky girl!


~Mrs. JMS~ said...

How Fun! Looks like a blast!!!

Anonymous said...

How fun!

The birthday candles = hilarious and awesome. :)

Larissa: said...

How awesome! You're sisters rock :-) I love Carter's shirt!! Glad you had a good time!

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