19 August 2009

The Great Gate Debate

Our house isn't exactly ideal for baby gates. Scratch that. Our house isn't exactly ideal for babies.

We live in a multi-level house with four {yes, four} levels and three sets of stairs. Because we have hardwood floors in every room except the family room, {that is now equipped with brand new carpet, w00t w00t!} we usually hang out with Carter in that room.

Problem is, he has mastered the art of climbing stairs and, since our previously established blocking system isn't exactly working anymore...

...it was time to think of something else.

So, what do we do? Well, get a baby gate of course... duh, how stupid could we be? Uh... not so fast there Bob and Jenn- take a look at the stairs. The simple solution of a "baby gate" wouldn't exactly work unless it performed miracles.

Said miracle gate would have to:
  • sit on the bottom step due to the wall placement
  • adjust to fit the molding that we have along the bottom of the stairs {and not on the top}
  • have a door so that we could actually enter the room without dying climbing over it
  • not cost more then Carter's first year of college

Good luck with that.

Well, I'm happy to announce that, after searching high and low {and even buying a few}, we've finally found "the one." The baby gate of all baby gates. The newest addition to our family. Our miracle gate...

This gate is wonderful for several reasons:
  • It was the only one that worked.
Okay, so maybe just one reason. I'm not complaining though, at least we found something. The top and bottom of the gate adjusts to accommodate the moulding issue... ...it sits on the bottom step just fine, and it has a door {which is propped open in the picture with one of Carter's racing road toys...nice.}
Honestly, though? I'm just glad the search is over.


staci said...

Aren't gates fun? We've got two Kidco Gateway (I think that's what they are, maybe safeway?) gates and they are awesome. No one can get in or out because they just can't figure them out. It's funny.

Olivia's Mommy said...

We are in the same boat, however we can't find ANY to fit the bottom or our stairs because of the bannister. And forget about the stools there she moves those and if I do get a gate to stay she knocks it down...we know call her Bam Bam! Now I am focusing on teaching her to learn to come down the stairs...ugh!

Bridget said...

We have a gate that is almost just like that. Our house is also hard when it comes to baby gates. Downstairs you have to go up 3 stairs before you have 2 walls on either side, so luckily we have a loft upstairs that we spend all of our time in.

The Michalski Five said...

ugh! we went through about 6 of them before finding THE perfect fit..who knew!!
glad you found one that works!

just wait until Carter figures out how to climb THAT...oh the fun times!! lol gavin climbed his like a little monkey and was hanging from it with his chin over the top =0

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