13 July 2009

Weekend Recap

My lack of pictures in this post will show you just how busy of a weekend we had. I didn't even make time for the camera {gasp}... Shocking, I know.

On Friday night, we had a work happy hour and then Kacy and I headed over to her house to meet up with Ryan, Bob, and Carter. Kristi and Matt met us there as well with the kids and we all hung out. I just love perfect summer nights hanging outside on Kacy and Ryan's deck in front of the fire pit. LOVE it.

On Saturday, our day started bright and early. After stopping at Dunkin Donuts for coffee, {a true necessity} Kacy and I took Carter to get his second hair cut! His first one was back in April... my friend cut it and, although he was really good, he sat on my lap so I wasn't sure how he'd be this time around. I'm not surprised that he was such a good boy and just loved Erica {my hair dresser} and the cool race car chair that he got to sit in...

Waiting his turn...
He kept turning the steering wheel...

All done!!
He looks like such a big boy now! So adorable! After leaving the salon, we picked up my mom and got to work. We went to so many stores and got soooo much stuff for the party! We were gone from 8am-6pm. Exhausting is the only word for it. After shopping, we headed back to Kacy and Ryan's house for their UFC party. Kacy and I rented Confessions of a Shopaholic, ate sushi, and drank wine instead... sounds much better to me! Needless to say, we were so tired from our day of shopping that we were all passed out by 10pm {including Carter!} I only saw about 30 mins of the movie and I know Kacy and Carter saw even less than that, lol.

While out shopping on Saturday though, Carter got his very first birthday present! Aunt Kacy and Uncle Ryan bought him a toy box! He was helping Uncle Ryan put it together...I think he likes it =)On Sunday, Bob, Carter, and I headed back to my parents house to get ready for the party. While Bob and my dad worked on stuff around the house, my mom, Carter, and I did even more shopping. OMG... I've never been to so many stores in my life! When we got home, we did a few things around the house and I got the favor boxes finished {whew!}

Speaking of favor boxes, Carter decided that he wanted to try a Dum Dum...Needless to say, he loved it. Look at all that drool! I had to pry it from his fingers before he could bite a piece off!

In between all the shopping and spending time at my parents house getting ready for the party, Bob and my FIL, Mike, did a lot of work on our family room project! Pictures and updates of that coming soon.

Um, Carter's birthday is THIS week. 5 more days.... {le sigh}


Anonymous said...

He is such a big (and beautiful) boy! I cannot wait to see pics from his birthday party. It's so close!

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