18 July 2009

Induction started

By 11:15am I was finally in the room, changed, and given my IV and Pitcoin.

About 15 minutes later, my doctor broke my water. Ew. I honestly thought it would be one gush. It wasn't. All day long things were gushing out of me. Not only that but, with no fluid surrounding the baby, my belly felt so weird. I felt like I could grab his arm or leg because it was just my, now floppy, skin protecting him. Such a weird feeling.

Anyway, lets talk Pitocin. My doctor said that everyone reacts differently to the drug that induces labor. Because I was already 3cm and 80% she thought I'd react well to it.

She thought right.

From the moment I was given the drug, my contractions were off the charts. I wish I would have taken a picture of the monitor, but I was kinda busy. My eyes kept watering from the pain and Bob kept asking "are you crying honey?" I wasn't. It just hurt. Where's my epidural??


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