18 July 2009

Give me the drugs!

After nearly 2 hours of Pitocin induced contractions, I was finally given the epidural around 1pm. Ah, immediate relief. Why doesn't everyone get this? No offense to those of you who go natural, but I would never do it. I'm sure I could do it. Maybe. I just wouldn't. Those 2 hours of pain and contractions every 30 seconds were enough for me. No thank you.

Once the epidural kicked in, I hung out with Bob, my mom, and my sister Kristi all day while texting 100 different people with updates. 5cm. 7cm. 9cm. You get the idea. I was also giving a few of my friends a very detailed play by play of what was going on. Hey, they wanted to know! ;)

Now the big questions was, when is he coming?


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