26 June 2009

Ben & Grace

My sister took Ben {2} and Gracie Girl {9 months} to get pictures taken last week by Laura Novak's new studio especially for children called Little Nest Photography. Laura is amazing. My sisters and I were all married within 18 months of each other back in 2005 & 2006 {our poor parents!} and Laura was the photographer for all 3 of our weddings. In addition, she also took my engagement pictures, and our family beach pictures, pre-kiddos {actually, Kristi was 2 months PG with Ben at the time.} I think it's safe to say that Laura is an official part of our family =)

It's easy to see why Kristi would take the kids to have their pictures taken by one of Laura's new associates, Kat {who actually helped Laura photograph my wedding!} Below are just a few of my favorites from the new natural light studio especially for kids...

You can tell just how much Ben loves his little sister...
Sometimes a little too much =)
Good luck choosing, Kris!! If your kids weren't so adorable, it would be a lot easier :P
All photos were taken by Little Nest Photography.


Larissa: said...

So beautiful!

Rebecca said...

GORGEOUS photos! I wish we had a studio like that where i live!

kacy said...

they are so cute :)

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