04 May 2009

Weekend Recap

I see an ongoing theme about this past weekend.
Eat. Shop. Repeat if necessary.
Friday night, Bob, Carter, and I headed out to dinner with Kacy and Ryan. Carter has this new thing now {and I think he learned it for our dog, Kai} where he'll stare at you {without even blinking} while you eat. I mean stare. He even moves his mouth sometimes, mimicking you as you chew. Anyway, if I'm eating something that's okay for him to eat, then I'll share. For example, he had his first homemade meatball last week and LOVED it. And I've always shared any mushy food, like mashed potatoes, etc. with him. Well on Friday night, I gave him tiny pieces of my chicken fingers. OMG. He was reaching across the table for more and saying "num num nummmm." So... yes, Carter dear, there is a whole world of food out there besides pureed peas. And I think you're going to love it. :)
On Saturday, Bob headed to the movies {to see Wolverine} with some of my family, while I stayed back with Carter. I couldn't wait to spend some time with him, just the two of us. Yay for date days! After playing for a little bit, we took a trip to Babies R Us. We needed a ton of necessities{diapers, wipes, formula, new pj's} but we made sure to get some fun things too :)
While we were trying out everything in the toy aisle, we stumbled upon the LeapFrog Alphabet Drum. Carter loves to band on things {usually the wipey container} so we figured it was about time he learned from his banging...
We also got a few practical things as well, like this JJ Cole bib and the Kiddoptamus travel food mat... ya know, since my baby boy is eating things like meatballs and chicken fingers!!! {le sigh}
But our favorite purchases of all, were Carter's new sunglasses and Phillies hat! :) He kept it on for quite a while but then did what he always does whenever his dad wears a hat...When everyone got home from the movies, we headed back out to watch Kacy and my dad's 12-year-old soccer team play in their game. We got there about 10 minutes before half time, but as soon as we showed up they scored 3 goals!! Carter is their lucky charm :)
He just loved watching the game, all the people, and of course.... the ball ball ball. Their team ended up winning 5-0!

After the game, we headed over to see Maureen & Chris, who are fresh back from their honeymoon in Antigua, then went with everyone to Toscana's for dinner. YUM!

On Sunday, Bob, Carter, and I ventured out in the rain to do some shopping. We were there for quite awhile, getting Mother's Day gifts, and some clothes for all 3 of us. About half way through the shopping trip, this was Carter...Guess it was too much shopping for him this weekend! After shopping, we headed home and watched Role Models and had beer and Chinese food for dinner. YUM... my fav...


Bridget said...

Have you tried out the travel food mat? I was thinking this is exactly what we need seeing as Oliver gets everything on the floor. Is it non-slip?

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