06 May 2009

Tales of a disgruntled commuter.

I have told stories about our commute before, but- as a reminder- my sister, Kacy, and I work in Philly and commute into the city everyday. We see some strange characters. Actually, we see a lot of the same strange characters everyday. Like previously mentioned, we have named, and grown to love, our fellow disgruntled commuters.

Now, I have told the Tale of Dale before, but we haven't actually seen him since the stalking incident. Well, guess who we were lucky enough to run into this morning?? DALE!

If you look closely, you can see all the NASCAR stickers that he has on his red Monte Carlo, including a huge #3 {on the right side} which has earned him his nickname. Of course, when we passed Dale, he sped up and tailgated us for about 3 exits until he had to get off 295. Good times.

But the real gem is what happened to us last night on our way home from work. Hmmm, we haven't come up for a name for this crazy character yet, but we should. While driving on 295 last night, we were cruising in the fast lane behind a girl {who was going an okay speed.} Up ahead, there was a red {why do all the crazies have red cars??} F-150 in the middle lane driving the speed limit. We see him hold something out of the drivers side window of his truck and then put his arm back inside. I could see him shaking his head in the side mirror, while looking back at the girl in front of us. I thought it might be a cell phone and he was taking a picture of her or something. She got over into the middle lane behind him.

Kacy and I then proceed to drive up next to him, to pass, and he does the same thing. After taking a look, he was holding his police badge out the window and yelling "I'm a freaking cop" {of course we couldn't hear him- I read his lips} out the window. Meanwhile, this OLD guy is driving his F-150 which has a handicap tag hanging from the rear view mirror. For serious? Why is he yelling at people for speeding? Really.... what are you going to do about it ol' man? You're either off duty or retired... so why are you trying to control every one's speed? Honestly. I was hoping he dropped his bagde on 295. That would have been perfect.

Anyway, we get in front of the guy and continue on our way. Meanwhile, people continue to pass us {and him} in the fast lane. All men. Do you think he held his badge out the window for the men who flew by him going 90mph? No. Of course not.

Why do we always find the crazies?


Anonymous said...

You should name him Deputy Dewy (from Scream) or LT. Dangle (Reno 911). Haha!

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