14 May 2009

LOST Recap

The Incident
Annnnd back. Last night's season 5 finale was awesome. There were more questions then answers which is the way I love it. I don't like when they have weeks of shows that just give stuff away. Maybe if the show started off that way, but it didn't. It makes you think. It makes you question everything. That's the LOST I know and love and last night's finale was it. Below are my thoughts/theories/questions...
  • Jacob-
  • I must start off with the fact that Jacob is hottttt. I might like him more then Sawyer. I'm not sure.
  • Jacob was shown on the beach with the Black Rock coming to the island. His enemy {who does not yet have a name} for some reason wants to kill Jacob, yet he can't.
  • Jacob visits Kate, Locke, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Jin, and Sun. And don't forget the heavily bandaged Iliana who clearly knows Jacob and has worked with/for him before, it seems.
  • They made a point to show Jacob touching everyone.
  • Jacob gave Sawyer a pen, Kate a lunchbox, Locke breath/life, Jack a candy bar, Jin & Sun wisdom, and Hurley a guitar. Significance? Let's see...
  • If Sawyer didn't have that pen, he wouldn't be able to finish the letter at a time when he was so clearly hurt and angry at "Mr. Sawyer.". Jacob encouraged that.
  • Kate would have been in trouble had Jacob not bought the super cool NKOTB lunch box for her.
  • Would Locke have died, had Jacob not touched him?
  • Jack's candy bar was rightfully his {he paid for it} so technically one could argue that Jacob didn't give him anything that wasn't already his.
  • I think the guitar {a true reminder of Charlie} coupled with the advice from Jacob that Hurley was actually blessed and not insane, really helped get him onto the Ajira plane.
  • Jacob gave Jin and Sun his wisdom that they will/should always be together.
  • The only "flashback" that Jacob did not appear in was Juliet's, however that was clearly foreshadowing the future of herself and Sawyer. Two people can love each other yet not stay together.
  • The Enemy-
  • Jacob's enemy is the smoke monster or is in control of the smoke monster.
  • Jacob traps his enemy in the cabin by surrounding it with ashes. The ashes somehow keeps him stuck in the circle.
  • The ashes/circle was clearly broken by someone which allowed Jacob's enemy to leave.
  • The enemy has the ability to take on any form and take over any dead body that has not been buried.
  • The enemy has appeared in past episodes as Christian Shepard, Hurley's insane friend { you know... the guy who played Charlotte's husband in SATC} the horse for Kate, Mr. Eko's brother, and many other forms for different people.
  • It was the enemy that appears as Christian Shepard and tells Locke to turn the wheel. Also, he tells him that he must die. Coincidence that he takes over Locke's body when he returns? I think not.
  • Eloise is working with the enemy. She insisted that Locke's dead body be brought back to the island on the Ajira flight.
  • As soon as Locke returned, the enemy took over his body. He knew all of Locke's memories and thoughts, yet it wasn't Locke. Shall we call him "Flocke" {fake Locke}?
  • When Ben went to be judged, Flocke made sure to go with him. When Ben sees the smoke monster, Flocke is not there. He leaves to go find something to help Ben, who has fallen into a floor below them. Yet, Flocke suddenly appears after the smoke monster had judged Ben and after Ben's daughter appeared to him.
  • Flocke/the enemy has to be in control of the smoke monster because of this. Also, he appeared as Ben's daughter, Alex, and specifically told/convinced Ben to do whatever Locke said.
  • Because Flocke could not kill Jacob himself, he needed someone to do it for him. His ability to appear in any form is what ultimately led to the killing of Jacob. Ben was his pawn {poor Ben.}
  • Richards line that Jacob can "only be seen by one person at a time" is very important. He knows that his enemy can't kill him and that he would need someone to do it for him. So, by only being seen by one person, this keeps Jacob safe from his enemy.
  • I think the Loophole that the enemy found was the island skipping through time. This allowed Locke to tell Richard that he was the leader. Additionally, it allowed the enemy to appear as Christian Shepard and tell Locke that he must die. When Locke returns, the enemy takes over his body, convinces Ben to kill Jacob, and waaaa laaaa- the deed is done.
  • 1977-
  • Radzinsky and Paul are dead {or so it seems.} Praise the Lord. I hated their characters.
  • They show Pierre's hand being trapped by the metal. At least one of the Orientation videos shows him with a prosthetic hand that he said was caused by "The Incident." Is this foreshadowing that the detonation of the bomb always happened {"whatever happened, happened"} and that nothing will change because of it as the Oceanic crew had hoped?
  • Miles references this when he says "did you ever think that we caused 'The Incident'?"
  • Um, how can Juliet fall alllll the way down the shaft and have allllll the metal within a 100 feet fall on top of her, yet she didn't die? Yeah- that's believable.
  • Richard clearly states that Eloise was pregnant {with Daniel, we assume} and that she was their leader.
  • Saywer, Kate, and Juliet run into Vincent {!!!! :) } Rose, and Bernard. I love how they said they were retired which is why they didn't want to join the others at Darma, lol. They seemed very.... happy. :)
  • When the bomb goes off, the season ends the same way all the others have.
  • The LOST that appears at the end of the episode had the colors inverted.
  • 2007- {in a nut shell}
  • Everyone follows Locke to see Jacob.
  • They find the Oceanic camp a hot mess.
  • Sun finds Charlie's ring that he left for Aaron.
  • Ben admits that he's never seen Jacob and that Alex told him to do whatever Locke said.
  • Locke says that Ben has to kill Jacob.
  • Iliana finds the map to the statue in the cabin, see's that the ashes have been broken, and lights the cabin on fire.
  • Ben appears to know what happened to the statue, but lies to Sun about it. He doesn't fool her.
  • Flocke and Ben see Jacob and he immediately knows that Flocke is really his enemy. He says that Flocke finally found a loophole.
  • Ben whines a little and then stabs Jacob.
  • Jacob says "They're coming" just before Flocke kicks him into the fire {which leads me to believe that technically Flocke could have killed him and therefore, since he can't, Jacob is still alive.}
  • Richard knows the answer to the question "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" which he answers- “He who will protect/save us all" in Latin. {Yeah, I had to look that one up.}
  • The "good guys" bring Locke's dead body to Richard.
  • They all wonder who Flocke is.
  • The End. :)
  • Questions-
  • What happens to everyone once the bomb goes off?
  • Will the detonation of the bomb, bring everyone back to the same time period?
  • Who do the "good guys" work for? {Jacob?}
  • What happened to Iliana that she was all bandaged up?
  • How does Iliana know Jacob?
  • Why did Richard allow Flocke in with Ben to see Jacob?
  • How does Jacob leave the island?
  • What happened to destroy the statue?
  • How did Jacob and his enemy get to the island and when did they come?
  • What is the enemy's name and who is he?
  • What can't the enemy kill Jacob?
  • Why did Jacob no longer feel that the cabin was a safe place for him to live?
  • Why does Locke tell everyone to rest up at the Oceanic camp because they're "going to need it?"
  • When Jacob says "They're coming" who does he mean? {Iliana et al?}
  • The final season- {2010}
  • I don't think the detonation of the bomb changed anything. I think it always happened.
  • I don't think the bomb killed anyone. Even Juliet. {I mean, look at Desmond... he turned the key to blow up the hatch in the season 2 finale and he's still here.} The fall may have killed her. But not the bomb.
  • I think that the writers/producers will tie everything- that we need to know- together, but in great LOST fashion, there will always be unanswered questions.

Sooooooo what are you thoughts/theories/questions about last nights season finale?? How do you think the final season will play out?


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