13 May 2009

Lack of LOST

You LOST fans may have noticed that I haven't done a recap post in a few weeks. That's probably because I've absolutely hated the last 2 episodes. I'm really disappointed in the turn that the show has taken and that makes me so upset! I've always been a huge fan and defended the show to no end, but lately it's just been, well.... horrible. It's so bad that I've actually had to keep myself awake to watch it.

Tonight is the season finale episode. I'm hoping that they redeem themselves with this one. It's 2 hours and I'm really looking forward to it. I love the show so much and I have a lot of faith in their writers. I know that it will be good and I'm hoping that this entire season, which was kind of disappointing, is only helping to build the characters and plot for the final season of LOST- set to air in January 2010. We shall see.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the show lately? I'd love to hear them... maybe I'm just missing something...


Brianna Gilmartin said...

Well they did just do star trek... maybe they wanted to be so boring that they would focus the attention on the movie opening?

ps, star trek was amazing. i dont even like star trek, the series.

jenni from the blog said...

You're so right, Brianna. Maybe that's it!?!

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