16 April 2009

LOST Recap

Some Like It Hoth
Though I thought there were no real surprises in this episode, it was still pretty good. I haven't been "wow'd" in a while though. Maybe in 2 weeks {grrr} for the 100th episode...

  • Pierre Chang turns out to be Miles' dad. No real surprise there.
  • Was Miles born on the island? Or was he brought there? They said that Pierre had been there for {at least, but most likely a lot longer then} 3 years, which is the entire time adult Miles had been there. So, because baby Miles is 3 months old, does that imply that he was born on the island, like Ethan?
  • The numbers where everywhere last night. Especially when they were being etched into the Hatch door. I wonder who picked those particular numbers to be placed on the door {or why the door even needed a serial number, ya know?}
  • Why does Miles' mom take him and leave the island?
  • I think the conversation between Hurley and Miles outside of the van {about communicating with his dad and the Star Wars reference} will play a huge role in why Miles and his mom actually leave the island. Perhaps Miles develops a relationship with his dad {as Hurley suggests} and warns him about the Purge. If Pierre knows about that, he may force Miles and his mom off the island in order to save them.
  • I like how Hurley and Miles have a similar ability to communicate with the dead {in very different ways.}
  • I'm know sure why Kate and Sawyer ever thought that they would get away with stealing Ben and taking him to see The Others. And, I know Kate is just trying to comfort Ben's dad, Roger... but for reals? Stop being stupid.
  • What good can possibly come out of Sawyer punching Phil when he finds the security tape? Good luck covering that up, lol.
  • Who is this Bram dude and why do he and his crew care so much about "what lies in the shadow of the statue?" It reminds me of when Desmond was waiting for his replacement and kept asking that snowman riddle {and I'm blanking on the actual question at the moment}.
  • Who does Bram and his crew work for? I'm thinking Eloise.
  • The show ends with Daniel coming "back" to the island as a scientist. We know that Daniel was on the island before, but did he actually ever leave? I know it was implied by Sawyer that he was no longer there, but did he actually leave the island?
  • The next episode (in 2 weeks...grrrrr!!) is called "The Variable." We already know that "The Constant" helps a person to time travel without going crazy... so what does "The Variable" do? Is it even a person or is it a number- like an actual variable?

And I'll end with my favorite quote of the night:

Hurley: "How do you know that Chang is your dad?"

Miles: "Well, when my mom got in line behind me in the cafeteria, that was my first clue."


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