02 April 2009

LOST Recap

Whatever Happened, Happened
Sorry for the delay in the recap today. I actually don't have time to write anything up from scratch because work is just crazy and I won't even be in tomorrow because of the funeral.

I'm going to link you to Steph's {how cute is her blog background and header!?! I made it yesterday, hehe} LOST recap and add a few of my thoughts below...

  • I loved how Hurley and Miles were trying to clear things up with the time travel. It's almost as if they should have just been looking at the camera and talking directly to us and not each other. It was clearly for the audience, lol. I kinda had a good understanding of the whole time travel thing to begin with, so I was talking to the TV and answering the questions along with them. I'm so weird.
  • For anyone that doesn't understand the time travel, it goes like this... The "others" and "Darma" crew are in their own past. The Losties are in their own present. Whatever happened in the past will continue to happen- for example, we seen future Ben, therefore we know that he is saved somehow. Yet the Losties CAN die b/c they are in their own present. They are no longer in the straight line of past > present > future. They're present is actually other peoples past. Make sense? Probably not, lol.
  • Great explanation of why Ben doesn't remember anyone.
  • What happens in the Temple? Is that the same thing that happened to Rousseau's crew after they went into the Temple? Remember... they thought they were "others" and were trying to kill her.
  • They may explain a little bit more about the Temple next week... from the previews, it seems to be about Ben.
  • That baby (who played Aaron) was SO ADORABLE!! When Kate was getting him out of the car and he smiled at her... omg. So cute.
  • On kinda the same note... I cried like a baby when Kate was saying goodbye to Aaron. I have no idea how she could do that. So sad :(

I think Steph pretty much covered everything else. :)


Brianna GIlmartin said...

i dont know about you, but everytime i see locke i let out a sigh of disgust. im so sick of locke! i wish he'd stay dead. hahaha, who knows though maybe he'll get better later. hes just annoying now.

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