05 March 2009

Welcome to the world, baby girl.

You may remember me blogging about my friend Erynn {here and here}. Erynn lost her wonderful husband Patrick {and her father-in-law} in a plane crash on January 11th. At the time, E was 7 months pregnant. She and Patrick also have a 1 year old son, named Will, who is absolutely adorable.

Yesterday, at 38 weeks, Erynn went into labor. Her contrax started at 3am but she held out until about 9am before heading to the hospital. E was amazing through it all {and hilarious!} In the early morning {her time... she's in CA} I was helping her time her contractions on Contraction Master while she was eating breakfast and hanging out. Too funny. Once at the hospital, she was updating via Facebook and texting in between status updates. It was very entertaining :)

Erynn delivered a healthy baby girl late last night after a looooong day of labor, but only 10 short minutes of pushing {show off!} Both mom and baby girl are doing well :)

Here are the stats:
Reese Paytin Rooney
March 4, 2009 @ 10:38pm
7lbs 6oz

Paytin is an Irish female version of the name Patrick... a beautiful name dedicated to her husband.

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl Erynn! She looks just like Will and is perfect in every way. xoxo


Bris Mami said...

Hi i miss Erynn's blogs. I'm sure she and her family are doing great. Her blogs helped me move on after going thru a similar loss. Wish her all the best

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