05 March 2009

LOST Recap

Thoughts/questions about last night's episode: "LeFleur"

  • First, how can you not love an episode that has that much Saywer? Hotness.
  • We were right.... they've been stuck in the time of the Darma Initiative since Locke left. I'm not even going to link it back b/c I've said it the last 3 recap posts.
  • Daniel said "whatever happened, happened" which clearly means that they can't change the past. They were always there. We know that just by the story Charlotte told to Daniel shortly before dying.

  • I'm sorry... I know this has nothing to do with LOST, but every time I see the guy who is playing Horace, all I can think about was the actor's slimy character in The Green Mile. Now, back to the recap....
  • We've seen Horace a few times in past episodes: he was present for the death of Ben's mother, Emily, on Ben's birthday; Locke saw him in the jungle trying to build the cabin; he died during Ben's mass killings with the gas; he was married to the elementary school teacher, Olivia {who was also present for the death of Ben's mom} and also Amy.

  • Horace seems to be very important to the island.

  • Is Horace actually Jacob in the present? Or is Jacob his son that Amy gave birth too last night?

  • Who is the baby? It's clearly very special if Amy got pregnant on the island and was able to have a successful delivery. My thought is that it's either Jacob or Ethan {the "other" that Charlie killed b/c he stole Claire.} Maybe it was Ethan since he was a doctor and clearly cared so much about the welfare of pregnant woman and children on the island.

  • Is Horace the baby's father?

  • What is the significance of Paul's necklace?

  • What is the significance of the four-toed-statue {pictured}? What time frame was that built and what happened to destroy it?

  • Sooooo... Sawyer and Juliet are clearly together {big shocker, right?} I wonder what's going to happen now that Kate is back. Did you see how happy Sawyer was to see her? Awesome.

  • Sawyer uses his knowledge and experiences from the island to con his way into saving the Darma people from Richard and buying himself and the other Losties 2 more weeks on the island. What happens in those 2 weeks that makes Horace change his mind and allows them to stay for good?

  • Richard, again always looking the same age, appears in last night's episode as a "hostile" just like in the 1950's in the "Jughead" episode. What agreement does Richard have with the Darma Initiative? How and when did Richard come to the island?

  • My theory is that Richard may have come via The Black Rock in the late 1800's.

And my favorite quote from last night, courtesy of Sawyer: "let me talk to him.... your buddy out there with the eyeliner."


The Michalski Five said...

yes great episode!!

my thoughts are:

this is all a recap and Ben has somehow already seen it played out before.

Remember all those body's, the dead people from the Dharma Initiative, in that hole? I am willing to bet that Sawyer, Jin and all the other Losties were among them.

I don't know why this all needs to be repeated...obviously something to do with Locke and Jacob but I think it all goes back to that.

Locke was never meant to live..someone brought it to my attention that if you remember back to Locke's past story, his mom was hit by a car while she was pregnant with him, his bio-father tried to kill him...someone is always trying to kill him. For some reason he is not meant to be alive. I think his spirit resides on the island which is why that is where he needs to be.

As for the birth of the baby....Juliet didn't come until many many years later when they were having issues with women carrying to term and giving birth to well baby's. So in 1974, that problem may not have existed yet. Maybe something occurred over the years that started interfering with pregnancy's and such.

Sawyer looked hawt! YUMMY!!!!

I think Kate has an agenda and Sawyer is not on it. They will probably play it up for a few weeks but I don't think anything will come of it but a few fights btw them and juliet.

horace could be jacob or you are right, amy could have given birth to jacob, not sure about that one.

my friend also pointed out that the statue seems to be holding a duplicate item to Paul's necklace.

I would also like to know why Amy and Paul were outside the 'fence.'
Why couldn't they have a picnic on DI grounds?

jenni from the blog said...

D- great thoughts! you need to respond every week so we can compare, lol.

oh and i bet your right about the mass grave and the losties being in it!!

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