26 March 2009

LOST Recap

He's Our You
At times I was a little bored with last night's episode, but I can say that it ended well... like always. Here's my recap...it's a short one.

  • Um, how hot did Sayid look? Yeah I know.
  • I believe that last night was the first time we saw Sayid as a kid. They've never flashed back to his family life before and I loved how it made him more relateable to young Ben.
  • Who set the bus on fire? I'm thinking Ben to create a diversion, but perhaps someone else helped him?
  • Was the bus empty?
  • Ben told Sayid that "someone" killed Locke. I'm thinking he also told Sayid that "someone" murdered Nadia as well. That would ultimately get Sayid to work with Ben to do his dirty work on Widmore's men.
  • I'm glad we know how/why Sayid got put on the plane. He knew it was going back to the island and he didn't want too.
  • Who hired that girl to get Sayid and how did she know about the golf course murder?
  • I loved the way Sayid acted on the truth serum. Too funny.
  • Okay, so the big ending- Sayid shoots young Ben as a way to get back at old Ben for making him kill again. Is there an altered timeline or will there be course correction? According to Faraday, "whatever happened, happened" which means that Sayid ALWAYS attempted {that's right, young Ben isn't dead} to kill Ben as a child. Perhaps that's why Ben is the way that we know him today. How crazy would it be if Sayid caused the very thing that he was trying to destroy? I love this show.

And to end with a quote....

  • Sayid: "Who is that guy?"
  • Sawyer: "He's our you."


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