04 February 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Me thinks I see a pattern... I lost a whopping .6 pounds this week. Again. At least it's something though! My total weight loss for 3 weeks is 6.4 pounds... not too shabby. I'm happy with that.

No new recipes to share this week... I ate a lot of cereal, lol. {FYI: cereal is one of my favorite dinners.} It was a good week ;)

And now I leave you with this.... food for thought, if you will. Kacy sent this to me yesterday, and since then, it's been hard for me to eat anything. It's almost a diet in itself. It's actually so gross to see {but interesting!} that I can't even post the picture here... so if you want to see it... here's the link: 5 pounds of fat. Ew.

Here's a more pleasant picture to look at... all this stuff below weighs exactly 6.4 pounds. I can't believe I walked around with that all day...
It's a lot of weight if you think about it.


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