03 February 2009

Kickin it ol' school

While going through my old lap top, I found a whole bunch of pictures that I haven't seen in forever. I loved looking through them all... but then again, I'm the type that always takes forever to clean out closets, attics, or basements because as soon as I find old scrapbooks, pictures, or yearbooks I'm hooked. I could be in there for hours looking through them :)

Here are a few of my favorites that I found...

Bob and I in Atlantic City, NJ (2005)

My favorite wedding picture of Kacy and Ryan (5/14/05)One of my favorite pictures of me and my 2 sisters- Ocean City, NJ (2003)Bob and I in OCNJ (2003)
Kacy and I in OCNJ (2005)
Probably my favorite picture of my sister, Kristi. Ever. (6/9/06)
Bob and his fam at Brianna's 8th grade graduation {she's now a SO in college} (2003)
Kacy and I at her rehearsal dinner (2005)
Holy youngness! (2003)@ a Phillies game (2006)
Me being myself {stupid} Cape May, NJ (2004)

Reen, Kacy, and I..... Beetles :) Cape May, NJ (2004)
Us again in OCNJ (2004)
Kacy and I in Atlantic City (2004)
Kac and I after my grad school graduation (2006)
They made me wear my cap to dinner. Lovely. (2006)
Bob and I in Atl. City (2004)

Kristi and I at her wedding (6/9/06)
Birthday dinner (8/9/04)
Kris, me, and Reen at the Phillies (2003)
Bob and I being announced at Kacy & Ry's wedding (5/14/05)
View of Philly from my apt balcony (2003)
My beautiful fam at the Phillies (2006)

Fun, right :)


Mary said...

Come visit me in Cape May again! Those pics are really cute!

jenni from the blog said...

Mary- you live in Cape May??? I LOVE Cape May! Victorain houses on the beach... what more could you want :)

Anonymous said...

i want kings market strawberry shortcake now.

Anonymous said...

Love that pic of you and your sisters in the ocean.

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