26 February 2009

LOST Recap

Thoughts and questions from last night's episode "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

First, wow. Great episode.
Next, to the LOST producers/writers- please do not show another episode that does not include Sawyer. Please? Even if it's just for a second... Sawyer must be shown :P
Last, sorry this post is so late! I've already been yelled at by several people...lol.

Now, down to business. We finally got some answers last night!

  • The Ajira plane crashed on the island and the Oceanic people disappeared during the flash.
  • It appears as though the Ajira survivors crashed on the smaller island and not the main one.
  • It's safe to say that the Ajira crew were also the people in one of the time warps a few weeks ago, shooting at Sawyer and other Losties in the canoe.
  • Who is the woman that the pilot {Frank} took with him in the canoe {likely to the main island}? If all the original Oceanic people on the place disappeared, then it couldn't have been Sun and we know it wasn't Kate. Who is this woman?
  • Ben survived, but no word on Sun and Sayid {and where they disappeared too.}
  • Locke is alive again. Shocker. We said that last week.
  • We now know that Tunisia is the exit door for anyone that leaves the island. Clearly Widmore knew that {and must have gone there himself when exiled} b/c he had the camera set up.
  • What did Widmore do in order for Ben to exile him?
  • I wonder why Widmore didn't see Ben when he exited in Tunisia? Or maybe he did and had him followed.
  • Who's the bad guy- Widmore or Ben? Widmore played nice, Ben did not. I think Locke is just a pawn in their "war" for the island.
  • I think Ben killed Locke b/c he knew Locke is too much of a baby to do it himself. Or maybe Locke needed to be murdered. Perhaps Christian Shepherd was murdered {though they suspected drug/alcohol overdose} by Ben and Ben knew it had to be repeated to mimic the events that occurred the first time they crashed on the island. Just throwing that out there.
  • Matthew Abbadon is a very cool character. I don't think he's dead. He is just like Richard Alpert... he never ages. Ever. There is a lot more to his story then what he revealed in this episode.
  • I love that Widmore was amazed that Locke had just met him for the first time 4 days ago. For Widmore, the initial meeting with Locke had occurred decades ago. Awesome.
  • I like how Hurley thought Locke was a hallucination. Priceless.
  • Still no word on what happened to Ben's face {with all the scrathes last week.} We know that he promised Widmore that he'd kill his daughter {Penny.} Widmore must know that Ben is back b/c he told Desmond to keep her in hiding. I'm hoping that Ben didn't go kill Penny {and she caused the scrathes on his face} and that Widmore maybe had people watching and protecting her in case Ben attacked. I hope Penny isn't dead.

And now I leave you with this...

"Am I talking to a guy in a wheelchair right now?"


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