19 February 2009

LOST Recap

Thoughts/questions on last night's episode "316"...

  • The show started the exact same way as the entire series started. Jack is in the jungle... the camera is focused on just his one eye opening.
  • I think the number "3" will be a reoccurring theme going forward. The flight was "316" there are "3" Losties back on the island, etc.
  • We learned that 3 of the Losties, Jack, Hurley, and Kate, have made it back to the island safely. I'm sure that the Sayid, Sun, and Ben are around there somewhere as well.
  • First, Ms. Hawkings is creepy. Second, the Lamp Post station is pretty cool.
  • I think Pierre Chang was the "clever fella" that built the Lamp Post station.
  • Does Widmore know about this station? I'm thinking no. If he did, he wouldn't have spent millions trying to find the island, when someone else has already done the leg work.
  • What happened to the rest of the plane? Did it crash or did the "Oceanic 6 but now 5" just disappear from the plane when it crossed into the "window"?
  • WHERE IS SUN'S BABY? Sorry for yelling, but honestly? Would she really leave her baby?
  • Because I think Christian Shepherd is actually (and has always been) alive on the island, I think that Locke needed to wear something of Christian's so that he will also be alive when he returns. They'll explain that in next weeks episode "The life and death of Jeremy Bentham."
  • Why do they have to reenact the original flight? It seemed like they were all acting like someone else (except for Jack and Sun, who acted like themselves.) I picked up that Sayid was reenacting Kate (with the escort and handcuffs), Hurley was Charlie (with the guitar), Kate was Sawyer (with the sunglasses and attitude.) But why couldn't they all just be themselves?
  • I think Kate is pregnant.
  • I don't think it was random that they showed Jack's grandfather. Perhaps, with his constant running away/escaping from the retirement home, that he made his way to the plane.
  • I don't think it was random that the guy standing behind Jack in line (the one that said "sorry you lost your friend") was also in first class. I think that he, along with Sayid's escort, Frank, and maybe the flight attendant, will now be on the island.
  • How did Hurley and Sayid find out about the flight? I think that Charlie told Hurley and convinced him to get on the plane. Perhaps that's why Hurley had the guitar.
  • Where is Aaron? Who has him? Maybe Kate gave him to Claire's mom...
  • Who kicked the crap out of Ben? I found it odd that no one even asked him what happened. Did Ben work on getting Sayid and maybe even Desond on the flight one way or another?
  • Jack reads Locke's suicide note. It simply says "Jack, I wish you had believed me. JL"... I love that this note was "following" Jack until he opened it. PS- Locke's a baby.
  • Jin appears at the end of the episode with a Darma suit on in the tricked-out VW that Hurley found several seasons ago. It's also the van that Ben killed his father in. Anyway, I think when Locke turned the wheel at the end of the last episode, the Losties were stuck in whatever time period it was when the wheel turned. I talked about this last week too. I think they are stuck at the time of the Darma Initiative (that's why Daniel is able to tell Charlotte not to return to the island, and also how he is able to work on building the Orchid station.) The remaining Losties are now part of the Darma Initiative.

Some of my favorite quotes from last night:

  • Jack: "Have you been here before?"
  • Ben: "No."
  • Jack: "Is he telling the truth?"
  • Ms. Hawkings: "Probably not."
  • And also.....
  • Jack: "How can you read?"
  • Ben: "My mother taught me."

These quotes just reiterate the fact that Ben is, by far, the best character on the show.

Okay, that's all I got.


Valarie said...

I think that Kate is pregnant now too, and I think that also allowed her to reenact the part of Clair.

I also want to know what happened to her and why Jack is not allowed to ask her about Aaron. She was a mess when he found her in his apartment.

I love reading your Lost Recaps because it makes me think of so many other things that I did not totally pick up on in the show or don't remember from other seasons/episodes.

The Blonde said...

why do you think kate is pregnant? if it was something obvious, I missed it.

Em said...

WOW. Jenni, you are impressive!! And so much of this makes sense.

Thank you for helping me sort out my thoughts.

And re: Hurley and the guitar(Charlie), Sayid/Kate handcuffs, and Kate acting like Sawyer...maybe it has something to do with all of them "returning" to the island. But, where is Aaron?? Do you see what I mean here? Like all of them needed to be back on the plane? Mrs. Hawkings even said to Ben "I thought you said you would get all of them."


jenni from the blog said...

Maggie- it just seems like it's a stunt the LOST writers would pull ;) Babies are very important to the island and since no one is able to get PG/deliver there, it would need to be conceieved off-island to have a chance. Know what I mean?

Also... and maybe I'll add this to the recap but, some friends and I were talking about where Ben went and we think he went to go kill Penny. Remember his promise to Widmore to kill his daughter. It looked like Ben had scratches. Seems like a girl would scratch when being attacked, ya know?

The Michalski Five said...

- I don't know about Kate being pregnant...Claire is still on the island with Jack's dad. Remember last season we saw her with him in Jacob's cabin?
So why would there be a reason for a Claire replacement of sorts?
However....it could be that Kate got pregnant that night she showed up at Jack's place a wreck after taking aaron whereever he is.I think Widmore has aaron. And that maybe Kate is working for him somehow.

- I agree about Jin and those being 'stuck 'whereever the last place they were when Locke turned the dial. Which he should have done in the first place and they wouldn't be in this mess!

- Yes Frank will definitely be on the island somewhere along with hurley, jack,sun,syiad and kate. The rest of the passengers on the plane...I am interested to see how that plays out. Did the time change not effect them because they don't have that pull to the island or are they going to create their own camp or something?

- Charlotte is for sure the little girl that gave Ben that present when he was a little boy.

- I am very upset Sun didn't bring baby. Where is the baby? She is way too quiet and doesn't look worried one bit about leaving her baby behind, especially when she doesn't know if she will ever get off the island again or does she? perhaps she is also working with Widmore. Something is going on with her character and she is trying to stay off the radar.

- It would make perfect sense if Ben went after Penny because Desmond was with the others at the church. I don't think he killed her...maybe trying to kidnap her. If Widmore gave Desmond Ms. Hawke's address then he knew Penny was in danger, so maybe he sent some men to where she was. This would explain all of Ben's bangs and bruise because that was more than Penny could do. And what about their baby? Ben is for sure using Penny somehow to get Des back on the island.
- Where are Rose, Bernard and the other people from flight 815 that were running from the flaming arrows a couple of weeks ago? they kept going through the flashes but the storyline didn't follow them.

- I think the entire thing is about Ben somehow and his greediness. He is after something and using all of the "losties" to get what he wants. I just don't know what. Everyone from the past who comes into contact with him (like daniel's mom last week lol) seems to know exactly what he is about.

- When is Walt coming back?!

whew I had more to say than I thought!! I can't wait for tonights epi!

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