12 February 2009

LOST Recap

Thoughts/questions about last night's episode: "This Place is Death"

  • Again, our guess was correct- Eloise Hawkings is Daniel's mother. Shocking. ;)
  • For the first time this season, I didn't want last night's show to end. Great cliff hanger.
  • I will be upset if Sun goes back to the island without her baby and if Desmond goes back to the island at all. Since he wasn't on the plane, he shouldn't have too.
  • I loved Charlotte's story about Daniel being the crazy person that told her never to come back to the island or she'll die. Clearly Daniel time traveled back there to tell her. He's trying to change the future, but he couldn't. She just thought he was some crazy guy.
  • I liked how Charlotte told Daniel that she just remembered that it was him after telling him that she grew up on the island. Was it a new memory that was created in her after Daniel knew she grew up there? {Kinda like how Desmond had a new memory when Daniel told him to find his mom.}
  • I think Charlotte was Ben's friend that gave him the birthday present when he was little.
  • Who are Charlotte's parents?
  • The smoke monster appeared for the first time last night and it still sounds like a roller coaster clicking it's way up a steep hill before it falls. Anyone else think that?
  • What happened to Danielle's crew when they went into the Temple? Why were they trying to kill her? Looks like the "sickness" of the island is a direct link to the smoke monster.
  • They kept referencing the radio tower and the running loop with the numbers. I was under the impression {well we all were} that Danielle started the loop. It was in French when the Losties arrived on the island. Boone's sister, Shannon, translated it for them. So... who started the original call for help, w/ the numbers, via the radio tower?
  • Locke's broken leg is still creeping me out.
  • Why is Christian Shepherd everywhere?
  • Does the island turn bodies that enter it already deceased, into a living entity? {a la Christian Shepherd} If so, is that why Ben is bringing Locke's body back to the island? {Besides the fact that he wants to stop the time travel.}
  • If Locke originally turned the wheel, would the time travel problem still exist?
  • Because Locke now turned the wheel, did the time jumping stop? If so, are they stuck in whatever era it was when he left?
  • If they are "stuck" in the time of the Darma Initiative, that would give Daniel time to sneak into the Darma group and play himself off as a worker there {remember the first episode when he's helping to build the Orchid station?} It would also give him time to speak to Charlotte as a little girl.

And that's all I got. Questions/comments/thoughts?


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