05 February 2009

LOST Recap

Last night's show was great but a little predictable. Here are my thoughts/questions from the episode "The Little Prince"...

  • This may be out there, but- the entire time I was watching the episode I was thinking that the whispers in the jungle that they always hear, may be other people time traveling. Like, if Sawyer would have whispered to the other losties while he was watching the birth of Aaron, then Kate and Claire would have heard the whispering. Know what I mean? Just a thought.
  • Our guess was correct- Jin is alive. I heart Jin.
  • As soon as they said "does anyone speak French?" I think we knew that they were in the era of Danielle (1980's when her team shipwrecked on the island.) Jin was sooooo confused. Poor Jin.
  • I think Sawyer didn't want to talk to Kate b/c he was so overwhelmed with the emotions that he was feeling towards her. He probably wasn't aware that half of them even existed. He also may not have wanted to hinder the past in anyway b/c it may have caused her to stay on the island in the future {not to mention that he would sound like a crazy person.}
  • Daniel said that the nosebleeds occur to those that have been on the island the longest. In a past episode, they have implied that Charlotte was there before, which would explain hers. But now Miles is getting them, but he swears he's never been on the island before. Hmmmm.
  • Is there only 1 lawyer in Los Angeles? Why does everyone use the same person, haha.
  • We assume that the "little prince" is Aaron... but what about Walt? Where is he and why don't they need him back on the island as well?
  • Who gave Sun the gun and surveillance reports about Ben and Jack? {I think that it's too obvious if it was Widmore.}
  • Who was the guy that had Kate's address in his pocket? Who does he work for?
  • Who were the people that were shooting at the losties on their canoe? Were they on a plane that also crashed on the island (Ajira Airlines)?
  • Because Danielle and Jin have met in the past, did they recognize each other when they met again in the present?
  • If Jin was in the "bubble" when the island disappeared, why wasn't the helicopter? Jin was floating on a piece of the ship back towards the island, yet the helicopter was flying back towards the island, at the time of the disappearance. Are we suppose to believe that Jin floats faster then a helicopter can fly? ;) Or perhaps the island only took the things/people that were at sea level?

And my mind is officially blank now {I'm tired.} But please let me know if I forgot something or if you have a different theory.


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