09 January 2009


Story coming shortly.


Anonymous said...

I've heard this story before - it's a good one!

And as a side note...look at your long hair!!

Janiece Todd Parsons said...

I am follower #580! Yeah I hope you make it to 600! I also pasted your button on my fav blog roll.
I read every word of your 4 posts regarding your dad's accident. God bless him...please give him my best. Thank you for sharing it and expressing the love that you all have for him. That is truly what life is all about. I think you might like my post about my Dadddy, who I lost in January. It is called "Holding Daddy's Hand Forever". I have provided the shorlink here.
I hope you enjoy it and will leave me a comment as well as become a follower.
Thanks again!
Dedicated to busy parets and the children that barely know them!

Tricia said...

I am so glad that I read your WW post and knew that he had a good outcome because even knowing that I still had tears. So thankful your dad is a part of you and your children's lives.

Talya said...

This is truly an amazing story! Your dad sounds incredible...for anyone to make it through something like that and live to tell about it is crazy. You guys are all so blessed!

Humphrieshome said...

I just read you're dads entire story. I have to say WOW, you sound like a amazing tight knit family and I am so thankful that he is ok. What a great outcome, all the best for you're future :)

tina said...

Hi there... I randomly came across your blog by googling for white vs. cream kitchen cabinets (I couldn't find your blog post about it though! I think you had posted on thebump.com with a link and the post is no longer there or changed URLs) and I am bawling at this story. What a horrible ordeal for your family to go through and what an amazing recovery story. Your dad is truly an inspirational man!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story!!

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