08 January 2009

Hat's off...

I guess I actually should have titled this post "Hats on..." but whatever. I'm looking for a new winter hat for Carter. Clearly, the one that he is currently wearing barely fits him, so he's in desperate need of a new one.

Of course, my first stop at a new hat for my little man was none other than Etsy. My gawd do I love that site. Anyway, after searching high and low, I have narrowed down my search to the following hats. They all range in price from a shocking $6 to a whopping $30. I'm not going to say which hats cost what, I just want your honest opinion on which one you like the best :)

#1: {can this kid GET any cuter??}





Poll's on the side. Thanks for your help!!


Anonymous said...

I like the first two best. And as much as I love the yellow/gray combo, I choose the blue and brown combo for Carter. Seems more boyish.

Toni said...

I like #2 & #5.

danielle said...

Hey Girl,
I always go on etsy too, to find stuff for the girls... I really like hat #1... it's really cute.

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