14 January 2009


Get it? I made it up myself. It shows, I'm sure...

Anyway, ever since the start of the new year, we've been working really hard to try to get things organized around the house. I think the "straw that broke the camels back" was the fact that Carter is growing like a weed and, after packing up several containers worth of 0-6 month clothing items, we had no room to even walk in the house. So, over the last several weekends, we've cleaned out our attic storage area to make room for clothes, decorations, and various other items. It doesn't look like much, but I could not even enter the attic to take a before picture...if ya know what I mean.

Lovely, right? {Don't be jealous of the exposed insulation.} There are also shelves and more containers behind the camera.

But what I'm most excited about is our master closet makeover. :) We have a great walk-in closet, but it's very oddly shaped. Our house has a very weird layout... kinda like a bi-level with 4 floors in total... {so a quad-level, maybe?} and our bedroom is at the top of the house. It has a slanted ceiling which makes it a little more difficult to decorate and organize. Below are a few before and after pics.


The before pictures are from the day we moved in. {Yes, they had wall paper on the ceiling. Purtty.}


Yay... no more wallpaper!


Walking into the closet...

The small back wall has a shelf and 2 shoe racks...

And we left one wall empty. We're going to put something up (hooks, maybe?) for belts, ties, and purses. {Costs}

Bob and I spent a total of $37 on this project.... {we had $350 worth of Home Depot gift cards from Christmas that we used- thanks to both sets of parents and Bob's Aunt Sandy!!} bringing the total cost to less then $400. Bob insisted on the tracking organizer option because it's better for holding the weight of the clothes. Obviously you don't see all the tracks when the clothes are hung {which we still have to do.} We also spent 2 hours in HD trying to get the measurements perfect and also making sure we had all the items that we needed. {Poor Carter... he was such an angel the whole time in the store. He made a lot of friends too!} Thankfully, it was worth the time spent there and Bob only had to exchange one thing.
Didn't Bob do such a wonderful job?? Thanks honey!


Anonymous said...

First of all, I thought the title of the post was clever. :)

Second, it looks great!! Isn't it amazing how much room you really have when you plan it out? My mom is coming up next month so we can install closet organization in our closets. I'm super pumped. And I was just talking to DH about one project I want to do this summer - organizing the basement. Yeah for org09zing. :)

Bridget said...

That looks great! We need to do something like that with our closet as well.

Anonymous said...

So it only cost you $37! Or is that a typo? hmmm...


C Moorhouse said...

wow. impressive. think colin could have done that? mmmm, no. good job.

behind the fourth door said...

Color me jealous! My closet is teeny and looks like it's been through a bombing.

jenni from the blog said...

kris- thanks... I thought the title post was kinda clever too ;) GL with the basement!!!

bridget- just plan as much as you can BEFORE heading to the store ;)

luz- we only paid $37 out of pocket. we used our HD gift cards towards it too ;)

court- lol...poor colin!

eva- you don't even want to see the before pics. horrific.

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