22 December 2008

Wrapping 101

I spent the weekend finishing up some shopping and wrapping all of our Christmas gifts. The only gifts I didn't wrap were my own, from Bob. What use to take me 1 night, now takes nearly 2 full days. Guess that's life with an infant :)

For those of you {ahem, slackers} who have yet to wrap your presents, I bring you...

Wrapping 101

Step 1: Recruit helpers.


Step 2: Start drinking.Check.

Step 3: Gather gifts.Whoa. Check.

Step 4: Get wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, label stickers, markers, ribbons, scissors, etc. together and in one place.


Step 5: Break time. Yes, you are allowed to take breaks before you actually start wrapping.
Okay, back to work.

Step 6: Get in the zone and wrap, wrap, wrap.

Step 7: Take another break.What a handsome little helper.

Step 7: Finish up...

Step 8: Place Bob, Carter, and Kai's presents under the tree. (Kai's are high...he WILL open them early if they're not ;)


And, in case you forgot...


Mindy said...

You have adorable helpers!! :)

C Moorhouse said...

oh my goodness! Carter is sooo cute! I love his smile. Hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas.

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