31 December 2008

Christmas Part III, IV, and V

After we opened presents at our house, we headed over to my parents house for some breakfast and more gifts.

Part III
My parents beautiful 9ft tree in their foyer...
We did well this year, dad :)
Carter helping my dad make breakfast.After breakfast was through, we cleaned up and went straight to the gifts. My mom and dad opened their gifts from us first. Here's my mom opening her new Coach purse from Aunt Kacy, Uncle Ryan, and Carter. (I'm still not quite sure how C came up with half the money for that purse. Hmmmm.)One of our Christmas traditions is that everyone (yes, everyone) must wear matching pj pants. We pick out a new pair every year and then buy a ton of them. So, my mom, dad, Uncle Will, me, Bob, Kacy, Ryan, Kristi, and Matt all wear the same pj's on Christmas. All day. This year we went with something different... we got navy pants with yellow reindeer. They were cute.Carter opening a few gifts from Aunt Kacy and Uncle Ry...
He loved his Build-a-Bear.

Carter passed out on the floor next to me while the "kids" opened their gifts from my parents.

Part IV
Next, we headed over to Bob's parents house for even more presents.

Carter with Uncle Joe. That blue and brown doggie was handmade for Carter by his Aunt Brianna. Carter loves it!

Carter laughing and talking to his Aunt Brianna.
Part V
Last, we headed back to my parents house for Christmas dinner with my family and the T's.
Carter and Gracie in Carter's new PBK chair from Aunt Kristi and Uncle Matt.Ben opening one of the presents we got him. DJ the Dinosaur from Baby Genius. He is obsessed with DJ so I was sooooo excited when I found a DJ doll on Ebay. Kristi says he has slept with it every night since. Awwwww. {Note Ben's shirt... it says "Dear Santa, It was Gracie's fault. Love, Ben"} :)
Reenie, Kacy (Gracie), and Ry (Ben) on Christmas night after dinner. Exchanging gifts with the T's. {Note that the PJ pants are still on.}
Carter loves his new chair!
The next day, we were feeling brave so Bob, Carter, and I headed to the mall to exchange only 1 thing! We also went out to dinner. Here's Carter before we left. He's saying goodbye to his old car seat... he officially moved up to his new big boy convertible car seat on the 26th! {Doesn't he look like such a big boy!?!?!}
We really had an amazing Christmas this year. Carter is blessed with wonderful grandparents and he got a ton of gifts... his favorites are his new Britax car seat and his Elmo Live from Grammy and Pop Pop and his train, toys, and really cool clothes from his GG and Poppy.
Bob got a ton of Home Depot gift cards (for our upcoming Bathroom remodel in March), Phillies tickets, new UGG slippers, and lots of clothes. I got a beautiful picture sign for our house, a cupcake travel case, brown UGG boots, and lots of clothes. Like I said... we had an amazing Christmas. Thanks so much to all of you!


Anonymous said...

Love the matching PJ's! We get new pj's from my mom every year, too. I love that tradition.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful Christmas! THANK YOU - you are an incredible mommy and a terrific wife - Bobby and Carter are very two lucky boys. Happy 2009!

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