04 September 2008


We had such a wonderful time on vacation this year. I must admit, it was a lot different with a 5 week old though. Bob and I had to take turns doing stuff (beach trips, beer runs, going in the pool, etc.) while the other watched Carter. But it was still a blast and we were so glad that Carter was able to be apart of it this year. :)

The beautiful beach.


Papa Joe, Ma, and me.

Me and my older sister, Kristi (who is 36 weeks PG w/ baby #2 in this pic!) What a trooper.

Ben loves the beach!

My little sister, Kacy, and I at lunch on the pier.
"I'm ready to go out to lunch, Mom!"
"Crap. I slept right through it again, didn't I?"

"Okay. I'm all ready for dinner. This time, I promise I'll stay awake."

"Crap. Well, at least I have a sleeping buddy. I'm recruiting 'em."
"Really? Why is Carter always sleeping, Aunt Jenni?"
"This is getting a little ridiculous. I'm waking him up.""Ah, I give up! I'm going in the pool."

Even the rain can't stop us from going to the beach.
Sleeping again. But, this time, I finally caught a smile on camera. :)


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