03 September 2008

Carli's Parade

On Labor Day, just back from vacation, the fam and I headed over to a huge parade that was held in honor of Carli Lloyd (see my post below about her Olympic Gold Medal GOALLLLL!) It was great to see all of the people that were there to offer her support, not to mention the millions of news casters, camera's, and other media members that were present. The 4 mile parade marched from Carli's house to her high school stadium, which was packed with people.

My dad, little sister, Kacy, and friend, Maureen, were all in the parade. Also, my dad was asked by Carli to be a speaker on her behalf, which was VERY cool.

Here are a few pics:

Benjamin plane watching before the parade started.
Some of the fam.

Ben loves fire trucks!

Kacy, Maureen, and my dad before walking in the parade. They all got to wear the gold medal... how cool!

Carli laughing at us making fun of her ;)

My dad making his speech! He sat on stage with Carli the whole time.
Carli speaking.

Congrats again Carli! Everyone is so proud of you.


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