27 May 2008

I'm a fake.

Ring, that is. Oh, one of the joys of pregnancy, as I'm sure you've heard/experienced, is the swelling. I had to remove my engagement ring and wedding band as soon as the weather warmed up. It's so sad to open my jewelry box everyday and see them looking back at me. So since mid-April I've been rocking a fake set. I know a lot of PG ladies are completely comfortable not wearing anything, but I am not one of them. I think my main reason is that I don't want people to look at me and then say "Oh, that poor girl (slut, whore, etc)- I wonder if the father's in the picture." Also, I work on a college campus in Philly. The kids stare at me like I'm contagious or something. My wedding ring (in all it's fake glory) shows that I did not get knocked up at the local frat house.

The fake set that I am wearing now was purchased at Macy's. I thought it was sterling silver, until my fingers started turning green. Lovely. So this morning I went online and ordered myself a new ring. It's actually fun shopping for them. After much debating and help from one of my friends, I decided on this beauty:

Pretty, right? :)


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