03 November 2014

A Brynn update...

Ya know, I was talking to someone yesterday and realized that I never posted an update about Brynn on here {I actually haven't posted anything in awhile...whoops.}  Anyway, as I mentioned before, I posted looking for advice on what to do since she was acting SO SHY about playing soccer, but still wanting to actually GO to the practice and games. {So confusing, right??}  Well, I wanted to report to you that homegirl is ROCKING IT now.  She LOVES IT.  It only took her about half the season to warm up to it, but she is going in, STARTING and playing with no problem at all!  She's even practicing with her teammates, warming up before the game and everything!  This Friday is her last game of the season and she is SO EXCITED to be getting her very first trophy!  YAY BRYNN!

So, for all the parents out there that commented here, Instagram and on Facebook about having a similar issue, I wanted to let you know how it turned out for us.  Because she wanted to go to practice and games but just didn't want to actually go IN and play, we just stuck with it.  I would have taken her to every game and practice of the season and sat on the sidelines with her, as long as she wanted to go.  Thankfully she finally warmed up to it and started playing more and more each game.  It makes me feel like we made the right decision by continuing to take her and I'm so thankful for that.

Keep on, keepin on, amirite? ;)


Anonymous said...

Great news! Thanks for the update. Sometime's we need to remember that children are just children, they aren't little adults and sometimes they need a little extra time and encouragement.

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