18 October 2013

Happenings Lately

It's been a while since I did a "happenings" post, so let's get to it.  I literally have zero clue what I'm going to talk about today, but once I get going, I'm sure I'll end up talking about a lot. ;)


We got Carter's kindergarten pictures back and totally love them! But I need your help... which background do you like better?  I dressed him in blue and grey thinking that I'd end up liking the grey background the best, but I don't know.  It looks kind of... warped to me. Or something.  Help me out...

Barn Door or Grey?

Had I known ahead of time that I would have even considered the barn door option, I would have dressed him a little more... um, fallish. Oh well.

Andplusalso?  HOW CUTE IS HE!?!

I'm so proud of him too.  He's doing awesome in school. And he loves it so much, which makes it even better. I just love talking to him about his day when he comes home {but trust me, sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get him to talk to us about it!} He just adores his teacher and his favorite class is library.  He gets very excited to pick out a new book and then we read it several times together before he has to return it the following week. 

We're still having a little trouble with our super picky eater, but we're working on it. I practically have to force him to buy lunch sometimes {I mean, come on kid, it's CHICKEN FINGERS.  Buy them. We're not packing cheddar slices and crackers for the 10th time this week.}  He'll get better. I hope.


Reid is talking up a storm lately! He's like a parrot... he repeats everything he hears.  My mom gave him his lunch yesterday, and he looked up and said "Thank you, GG!"  Clear as day!  He also loves to say mommy, daddy, p-pop, ninny (Brynnie), grammy, bubba, ball, catch, ut oh, sweet dreams, most of the daycare kids names and several other words. {He's not saying Carter, Kacy or Kristi yet though... I think it's the hard C/K sound he's having "trouble" with.  He'll get it!}

But his favorite thing to say in the entire world?  The thing that we hear at least 1,000 times a day?


All. day. long. It's so cute!  The birthday twins are BFF's for sure!

Also, besides the yelling of ALL THE NAMES, we get this adorable cheeser smile.  A lot.  I love it.

Brynn is doing so well in GG's preschool.  She was having a little bit of trouble remembering her colors, but she is doing so well on everything else.  She's learning to write her name and is doing awesome on her shapes, numbers and letters.  We're also working on potty training. She gets it... sometimes.  I want her to be a PRO by the time this baby girl is born.  I can only handle 2 kids in diapers at a time, let me tell ya.

Also, for the first time since becoming pregnant, Brynn recognized that we have another baby on the way.  Every time I refer to the baby, she always says "Reid!" and I have to remind her that there is another baby in mommy's belly. {I get her confusion... trust me!} Even when I ask her what we should name the new baby, she'd always say "Reid, mommy" {like, duh!}  We also went through a period of time when she thought that getting a new baby meant that we'd have to send Reid back. Or something. Poor kid.

Anyway, there was a commercial on the other day with a baby crying and she said "Aww, why the baby crying mommy? We're getting a new baby too!" and I asked her what the new baby's name will be {fully expecting her to say Reid} and she said "Baby sister in mommy's belly!"

Melt my heart.

Reid is still her baby for now though...


Let's talk Christmas. I know, I know... before Halloween.  I don't care. 

I've started shopping {or at least researching ideas} for the kids.  I'm trying not to buy a lot of toys for them this year, but instead get them a few things that they really need.  My main ideas are new wheely luggage and new sleeping bags for all their sleepover parties and family vacations.

But, is it weird that I also want to buy these two items for Emerson too?  I know she won't be here before Christmas {SHE BETTER NOT BE} but I still want her to have these items and it would be nice if all 4 kids matched, so to speak.  Here's what I'm thinking...


Sleeping Bags:
Cute, right?  We'll see! Still looking around...

Of course, I have to buy SOME toys and Carter and Brynn have certainly made it clear to me which toys they want from Santa this year.  More to come on this.


Don't forget to check out my 25 week pregnancy update.  Can't believe that 3rd tri is just 2 short weeks away!  And with all the holiday's coming up, baby girl will be here before we know it! EEEKKK!

Happy Friday, everyone!


Sweet Little Lovings said...

Hummm...I think my vote is for the barn door. I like the pops of color. To me the grey just screams boring school photo. :o/

And I feel ya on the picky eater! Hannah is as well and I fear that she will never eat anything at school next year when she's in kindergarten. We have been trying to get her to try new things but right now it's just not happening.

I have this thing about needing to get my kiddos all the same thing as well--so they match! I am currently looking for something to store Hannah's school projects and papers in and I told the hubs that I will need to get three so all the kiddos have the same one. :oP who cares that Hailey won't be in school until--well she may never go to school--because she's my last baby. But anyways, yeah...I have this 'matching' complex! So I say get Emerson the sleeping bag and luggage!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Barn door! The grey background looks like he's being pulled into some kind of force. :)

Jen [wonderfully unkempt] said...

Barn door! Grey looks like impending DOOM!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

Is it me or does he look like he was "placed" in front of each background?! Either way- I'm thinking barn door. I like how it's not so monotone.

I say go for getting Emerson Christmas gifts too! (or at least the luggage/sleeping bag) It's important that they match ya know :)

Unknown said...

I'll be the odd one out and vote for the gray! I like his shirt with the gray better even if he does like a little 3D. Either way, I see your dilemma! Such a great pic!! And little Reid man is adorable with his cheesy smile! :) We totally bought Christmas stockings last year while I was pregnant with everyone's names on them (including baby Christian who was in my tummy and not coming out til May!) just so they would all match :) I think its a great idea to buy for Emerson too! Total fan of matching over here :)

Unknown said...

Quick vote, barn door :)

Colleen said...

Barn door, for sure. The gray background looks like he's about to be sucked into another dimension or something. Luckily he's such a cute kid that both pictures would work just fine =)

Jen said...

Barn door :-)

Thanks for the gift ideas too! We're also trying to come up with some ideas other than toys this year. Too many toys in our house!

LynnInLove1007 said...

Carter looks adorable!! Barn door, for sure. The silver to me looks like he's time traveling.
The gift ideas are fab! My one suggestion would be to do initial(s) instead of full name. When we travel with our kids I read a few safety books and blogs; all confuted not to broadcast your child's name on clothes and luggage. Full names and address can go inside in case they're lost. Stranger danger and all that.
Definitely get some for Emerson!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I vote barn door too! Did you sell your house?

SusieO said...

Barn door for sure.
Also, have you seen the kids sleeping bags at Lands End? I think they are adorable. It would be so cute to have 4 of them in different stripes!

Unknown said...

Barn Door!

The kiddo's are so cute!

Jessica said...

I vote barn door.

Also, I totally agree matching the kiddos. I say get Emerson the suitcase, and sleeping bag. She will need them eventually right?! ;)

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