28 May 2013

WW: My Dad's Birthday

On Saturday we hit one of the toughest milestone since my dad passed away suddenly on December 4th.

His birthday.

We knew it would be tough, so we made sure to plan things that would help us honor his life and celebrate the things that he loved the most.

The first thing we did?  We ate.  We had a BBQ.  Because if there was anything my dad liked to do, it was eat :)

Next, we got to dedicate his beautiful tree! We really got the kids involved in this and they LOVED it!

Here's the gorgeous plaque we found and we love it so much. We didn't want anything sad, we wanted something sweet. A precious reminder of the man we all loved so much!

Isn't it just perfect?

My mom plans to plant flowers all around it and put up a little stone wall.

Next, we tied some balloons to the "Dad" sign we got and had everyone write a special message to him.  The kids loved signing their names.  It was super sweet.
It will be nice once my dad's stone arrives in September {I didn't realize they take almost a year to make!} But I'm glad he has something special on his plot.

And the last thing we did was go out to dinner as a family to my dad's favorite restaurant. We laughed.  We drank wine.  We shared stories.  It was a perfect way to end the day.
Love my mama!  I don't know what I'd do without that woman.

Leading up to my dad's birthday, I thought it was going to be a day full of tears. But it wasn't.  Sure, there were some. But I'm surprised at how well everyone handled the day and I think it's because we all knew that we were celebrating him exactly the way he'd want us too.

We love you so much, Dad, and miss you everyday! Happy 57th Birthday, Papa Joe.
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Tammi @ My Organized Chaos said...

Awe, hugs. But, looks like he had some great people saying Happy Birthday to him. I'm sure he smiled!!

Amber said...

The first year of milestone moments are the hardest. Hugs. That headstone will take forever, and it will be nice to have it there finally but it will seem so real when it's there, don't rush it. That was one of the hardest things for me. I love the plaque that you got for his tree, where did you find it?

The Mommy said...

It sounds like you celebrated his life in a wonderful way!

Unknown said...

So beautiful!! Hugs! <3

Tabitha Blue said...

So, so precious! What a way to honor him... love it!

Nikki @ WishUponAShootingStar said...

It seems like a perfect way to honor him! I am glad the day turned out better than expected. The plaque is beautiful!

Unknown said...

I love that plague. It's perfect. Where did you get it? I may need to get one for my dad!

What a great way to honor your dad. He is so proud of you girls!!

Mrs.HVK said...

What a great way to celebrate your dad!!

Anonymous said...

This is a really sweet post. Your dad should be very proud of your amazing family.

newmomintheburbs said...

That is very sweet! I lost my dad 3 years ago and every year on his birthday we celebrate it the way he would have! I love the plaque Love does live on.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate his life, Jenni. I know it must have been hard but your family is so strong to keep going and living your lives to the fullest!

HeatherLakin said...

What a beautiful celebration of his life!

Anonymous said...

An absolutely beautiful tribute to your father. I sure miss my dad too.

Jeannie said...

What a beautiful way to honor your dad ::hugs::

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I didn't realize he was only 56 when you lost him. I'm so sorry but am happy you seem to have a loving and supportive family.

Nina said...

A lovely way of cherishing the love for your dad - for your children also an important way of remembering him and hearing aout the moments with him!

Jenn said...

what a beautiful way for your family to remember a great man. thinking of you all! www.twobytwomom.com

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