21 May 2013

WW: Brynn's Party

I blogged about this a few times {here and you can see her adorable invite here} but we had Brynn's Sofia the First Build-A-Bear party this past Saturday.  Although I was a little hesitant about the logistics of everything, I just have to say- it was awesome.  Seriously.  I would recommend this to anyone.

When you book your party, you can set whatever price limit you want for each of your guests, so it really can work in any budget.  I think the smallest amount is $10/kid {which is basically just a bear}, but you can set it at whatever you'd like!  We set the limit at $25/kid thinking that would be a great amount and allow the kiddos to get a bear and an outfit or accessory.  Of course, then the My Little Pony collection came out, which starts at $25, so that was great timing ;)  I was nervous about how everything was going to work {fully expecting to pay $20,000 by the time I left} but the party planners we had were amazing at making sure everyone stayed in budget.  Overall, it was wonderful!

After the party, we headed right next door to the food court and had pizza.  We brought in drinks for the kids/adults, my sister brought a soft pretzel tray, my mom made adorable princess cupcakes and my MIL made a delicious TBM pasta salad.  YUM! I just brought in some table covers, princess plates/cups/silverware, etc and we called it a day.  It was so easy, I have no idea why I was even worried about it.  And the best part?  All the kids had a bear/pony to take home as a favor.

I really don't have many pictures from the party... I was busy making sure kids didn't run out into the mall and/or knock down the shelves in the store and all, but here's one shot of some of the kiddos {there were about 15, not sure where the rest went for the pic... oh yeah, pizza.}

Adorable. {They even all signed a birthday bear for Brynn too, which was separate from the My Little Pony she made at the party.  So cute!}

And this was about the best shot I could get of Brynn's adorable Sofia the First outfit. Purple amulet tank, purple tutu {I almost didn't buy it... I struggled with that one} and white leggings.  She LOVED it and kept saying "I'm a princess!" the entire time.  So sweet. {Outfit from this Etsy shop.}

Also? My Little Pony on roller skates FTW.  All the girls were pushing them around the mall on their leash.  It was adorable.

My baby girl turns 3 on Friday. Ahhhhh.  I can't believe it.  We're going to take her to the movies to see Epic and then go out to lunch.  Can't wait.

Happy Birthday week, Brynnie Foo Foo {yes, she gets a week.}  We love you so much!
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Courtney said...

My little girl turns 3 in November and I am totally loving this idea for a party! She is a total stuffed animal girl and I think she would be in absolute heaven at build a bear. Thanks for the good info!

Tammi @ My Organized Chaos said...

That looks like the perfect birthday to have! So adorable!

Tabitha Blue said...

Happy kiddos means a great party!!



OrangeHeroMama said...

Looks like an AMAZING party!!


HeatherLakin said...

We threw a Build a Bear party for our daughter's 9th birthday and it was so much fun! Looks (and sounds) like you all had just as much fun! I love the My Little Pony collection! :)

Kristi Bonney said...

Looks like Brynn had a great birthday. What a cutie!

Haven't been by here in forever. Well, I haven't been by anywhere in forever actually. I've had the blogging blahs. lol Hope you're doing well, Jenni! Miss seeing your pretty face. :)

Marjorie said...

Didn't know you could do a build a bear party! Awesome!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Build a Bear parties are the best!!! My youngest is 13 and I still remember her BAB party when she was in preschool!!!

Shannon Dew said...

What a fun birthday idea!!!! KP would love this!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

She looked adorable in her birthday outfit! My son wants a build a bear party. I'm looking forward to it haha!

mommy baum said...

looks like a really fun party! what a cutie ;)

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a Build a Bear party but I too get really nervous about the cost - when I see a few of the girls at your party got what looks like ~$50 that really makes me nervous (the Pinkie Pie, shoes, skates, leash, cape) - how were you able to stick to the budget - did the boys pick lower price animals maybe?

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