08 April 2013

Take it off Monday


For some reason this time?  That scale just does not want to budge.  I think for 4 or 5 days straight this week, I weighed the exact. same. weight.  Like, to the decimal point.  That never happens to me. {Ever, ever.}  I fluctuate on a daily basis. So the fact that it was the exact same weight for so many days in a row? Made me think my scale was broken.  I had to grab Carter and put him on the scale to make sure the number changed.  {It did, by the way. Ahem.}

But do you want to know what's good about the scale not budging?  If I happen to slip off plan {so. many. parties.} I'm not gaining weight either.  I'm just stuck.

This week, I did pretty well, however.  I lost a pound, which is great.  I wish it were more, but I'll certainly take it.

Want to know what else happened this week?

I fit back in to my size 8's.  Comfortably.

No muffin top hanging over the sides {ya know, for the most part} thankyouverymuch. They zip up and button perfectly.  No sucking in of the belly needed.  I'm so excited!  This was a major goal for me and I've finally reached it!

So, although the scale may not be budging much, I seem to be losing inches.  And I'll take that any day of the week.

How is everyone else doing on their diet plans this week?  I'd love to hear from you and/or have you share a link to your most recent post!

Week 10 Summary

Weight loss this week: -1 pounds

Weight loss to date: -14 pounds

Weight left to lose: 16 pounds
First Goal: 10 pounds
  • Reward: Mani/Pedi {Reached: 2.21.13}
Second Goal: 20 pounds
  • Reward: Massage
Final Goal: 30 pounds
  • Reward: Head-to-Toe new outfit!
Success: Fitting back in to my size 8's comfortably!!

Set-Backs: That scale just doesn't want to move.
Exercise: Lots and lots of walking this week.

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Unknown said...

You know, I'm at the same place with the scale iiiinching downwards. My post is so boring. Nothing is happening. I really am blaming the dental work. The anesthesia, the time in the chair (away from my water bottle), the stress, it all adds up. I have been walking a ton - way more than normal due to both the good weather and my dental appointments (yes, I walk to them, I'm 5 kinds of crazy). I am not exercising right now. I'm satisfied with my daily activity (but hope to get it up to over 70k steps a week after my 5 kinds of crazy goes down to 2 or 3).

Best way I know to shake things up is our trip to WDW on Thursday! That should be interesting!

Anyways, you should be at your halfway mark next week! That's so exciting and motivating! Me, I have a suit to fit into when we get back from our trip - that should keep me on the straight & narrow.



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