26 March 2013

Spring Ad Sale!

Now is a great time to sponsor JFTB... I'm running a few ad specials in honor of spring! Now if it would just feel like spring, that would be lovely.

Oh hey, here's a little gem for you...
{My sisters and I on Easter circa 1985ish}
{Maaaa.... the bangs. "But they were in style!"}

Wait, what was I talking about?... oh, right.  Ad space.

Banner Ad:
I now have a banner ad space available!  Banner ads appear at the bottom of every post {under my signature... see below} and get the most views & traffic!  There is only ONE banner ad available each month.

I'm offering 30% off to the very first person who purchases that banner ad space for the month of April!  Use the code FIRST at checkout to receive the discount!

Large Ads:
I have one remaining large ad available for the month of April!  Use the code SPRING to recieve 30% off!

BOGO Medium & Small Ads:
If you purchase a medium or small ad for the month of April, you will get May FREE! No code necessary... just upload your banner for the ad space you select and it will run for 60 days at the normal 30 day price!

Ready to purchase or need more info?  Click here.

Happy Spring Everyone!

{Your banner ad would appear here!}


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