14 March 2013

And who doesn't love pancakes?

If there's one thing that is popular in our house, it's pancakes.  So I'm going to be honest now and tell you that I have no idea how to make them.  Nope.  I've never made a pancake in my life.  Bob is the pancake cook in our house and he is damn good at it.

And Brynn? Well she is obsessed. She asks for pancakes nearly every morning {with "syrbup" of course!} With three kids and two parents that work full time, that clearly is just not going to happen.

Enter: Aunt Jemima and their fabulous Lil' Griddles frozen breakfast items.

The new Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast Lil’ Griddles line has three delicious bite-sized options for family fun; new Aunt Jemima frozen Blueberry Mini pancakes, Aunt Jemima frozen Mini pancakes, and Aunt Jemima frozen Cinnamon French Toast Sticks.  We, of course, decided to try the pancakes and they're just perfect for our super busy, on-the-go family.  And because every batch is made from scratch with real eggs and milk {just like we Bob makes them at home} Brynn can now have her pancakes any day of the week!

Her reaction when I told her I bought her pancakes?

I had a hard time getting the box back from her!  Here she is, reading the ingredients and making sure they're going to be just as good as Daddy's!

Once I pried the box from her little fingers, I heated up a few pancakes in the microwave...
{Seriously, 30 seconds... that's it.}

...and she was ready to get down to business.
Eight pancakes later {yep, 8} I think I can honestly say that she loved them! Miss Brynn is going to be one happy girl now that she can have her daily pancake ration.  Thank you Aunt Jemima... such a big help for busy parents who still want to serve their families a warm breakfast in the morning.

Thank you to Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast for being a sponsor. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.


Meegs said...

To save you some money: if Bob is already making them on the weekends, have him do a double batch, then freeze half of them. Just throw them in a plastic bag with wax paper between the layers. Pop them in the microwave until warm (about 30 sec) and enjoy.

Heather said...

Lennox has pancake most mornings before school too - she loves the frozen ones and they are so easy. We will have to try Aunt Jemima ones sometime.

Jeannie said...

Mmmmm! I will be buying these FOR SURE!! Pancakes are big hit in our house as well!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of my homemade buttermilk pancakes every Sunday before church...but I have bought these frozen ones as back up for my pancake-loving boy and they're great too!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Do you know how much crap in those things?

Shannon said...

I definitely second the idea to make homemade ones and freeze them. The Aunt Jemima ones are SO processed and horrible for us.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand using your blog to make money and support your family. After all, you are a working mom of 3 kids, and time is precious! But is this really what you want to promote? These are terrible for you. You work so hard to be healthy and be a good example for your kids, losing weight and making good choices. These are not a good choice.

Krista G. said...

It's hard to believe that anybody feeds these to their kids. You should definitely make them from scratch one weekend and freeze them for your daughter.

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks for all the comments ladies! We do make extra homemade pancakes on the weekends and stick some in the freezer and/or fridge for later, but these are great for on the go or when we run out. Thanks for your anonymous opinions though.

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