20 December 2012

Borrow Baby Couture

Meet Heidi {again!}, the awesome Owner/CEO of Borrow Baby Couture, a high-end designer baby/toddler clothing rental company for special occasions!

I was lucky enough to review BBC back in August and we were so happy with the company as a whole as well as the quality of the clothing.   While on maternity leave this fall, I totally pulled a Will Ferrell {think ELF.... "SANTA! I know him!"} when I was surprised to see Borrow Baby Couture being feathered on the Today show! How cool is that? Congrats Heidi on all of your success!

Remember, it's not too late to rent a holiday dress from BBC!  Also, check out their new private sale site, where you can receive up to 80% off of retail prices for these gorgeous high-end designer outfits!

I'm Heidi and I just had my second son in September, so he is currently occupying quite a bit of time. My husband and I also have a 20 month old, Cobb. Currently, we live just outside Baltimore and are running everything from our warehouse down here.

My husband and I started, own & run the company (with the help of 4-5 other employees). I am technically CEO and he is CFO. Both my husband and I went to business school and knew we wanted to work for ourselves, we just needed a good idea. After having Cobb in Dec. 2010, I was AMAZED at the amount of clothing we got that he either didn't wear at all and/or wore once b/c he grew out of it so fast. Additionally, I wanted to dress him in fashionable clothing but it was so expensive - thus the idea of Borrow Baby Couture. I actually went to business school with the 2 founders of Rent the Runway and saw how successful their business model of renting dresses was and realized the same insight of "not wanting to spend so much for something you would wear once" holds for babies/toddlers/kids as much as adults. We started by signing on with some awesome designers (Fendi, Versace, Dior, Galliano, Stella McCartney) and knew we had to give this a try - getting designers to buy into the idea was the hardest part!

We have been working on the company for over a year now, but the site only launched in late June. It took about 10-12 months to get inventory in, get the website going and cover all the logistics.

We also recently launched our private sale site where people can BUY new and nearly new Spring '12 Inventory with huge discounts of up to 80% off retail prices!

There's still time to rent a designer dress for the upcoming holiday's!  Check out some these amazing outfits from Fendi, Baby CZ, Rachel Riley, Chloe, Dior & Versace...


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Happy Shopping =)


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