02 October 2012

Oh. Hi there.

Remember me?
I swear I'm trying to find time to blog.  Swear it.

It's just.... well, this three kid thing?  It's kinda hard.

Not that I ever thought it'd be easy.  I just have a baby boy who likes to nurse. A lot.  And two toddlers that need me as soon as the baby starts eating.  Which is... well, all the time. {Those pesky kiddos, needing their mama... they have a lot of nerve!}

So yeah... we're staying busy.  If you follow me on Instagram, you can check out all the pics I take.  It's really the only pics I take. {Where is that expensive DSLR I own? Hmmm.}

We're coming off a two party weekend here... one to the pumpkin patch {which Reid slept through the entire thing... woo hoo!}...

...and then another party at Chuck E. Cheese.  I hate that place, but the kids just LOVE it.  Andplusalso? It really tires them out, so I guess I actually do like it too ;)

Oh, so do you remember that baby I had?
Yeah.  Him.  {How cute is he!?!}

Well he turned 3 weeks old yesterday.  How is that even possible?  I swear I'm getting to my birth story {I've started writing it, it just takes a long time to write when you can only open your computer once a day for maybe 20 minutes} and I have quite a few other posts planned.  I just need more time in the day {don't we all?}

We also recently survived our first trip to the pediatrician with all three kiddos.
It was.... interesting.  But the kids did great and are very healthy 4 and 2 year olds!  As far as stats...

Weight- 52 pounds | Over 100% {he's never actually been ON the charts for weight. Ahem.}
Height- 43 inches | 90%

Weight- 30 pounds | 75%
Height- 35.5 inches | 75%

Love my big healthy babies!

Reid also had a weight check appointment.  We've been going once a week because he's still not at his birth weight yet.  I'm hoping he is by his appointment tomorrow, however.  He's very close and I can't wait until he's finally there.  But he lost a lot of weight in the hospital {8%} and he's been slow to gain it back.  He's eating well and seems satisfied and has PLENTY of wet and dirty diapers, so I'm just trying to stay focused on that and not so much on the fact that he eats all the time and is slow to gain weight.  Makes me feel like I'm not doing a good job.

I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime?  I leave you with this...
We're not short on kisses around these parts and the kiddos just adore their baby brother.  They love him to pieces.  It's the sweetest.

I'll be on again to show you our amazing newborn pictures.  Hopefully tonight {that is... if I don't fall asleep sitting up.  Not that that's happened before.  Ahem.}



Becca said...

You look beautiful! Please tell me where you got that shirt in your first picture. I love it!

Kelli Belli Jelli said...

I was thinking the same thing about your shirt! You look great!

jenni from the blog said...

Aww, thanks girls! The ruffle shirt is from Express and the cardigan is from Target!

Jeannie said...

Seeing Mr. Reid really makes me miss that sweet little newborn squishyness!! (if that's even a word)

I'm so glad things are going well. Can't wait to hear your birth story and more updates. BTW, you look AMAZING mama! And you make me LOL every time you put 'andplusalso'...I don't know what it is :)

Anonymous said...

Once again, you look amazing! I'm sorry Reid is slow to gain but you're doing an amazing job, mama. Keep up the hard work. It's worth it!

Becky | Apples of Gold said...

Oh, I feel you on this! I don't have 3 kiddies BUT I feel like I have very little time with just one toddler hanging all over me. You are definitely not alone! How awesome that your babies are healthy! It's only a matter of time before the little one reaches his full weight... You are a great mom, I'm sure!! Enjoy your precious new baby!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Umm. Can I have both those shirts in your pic...the under and the cardi? Where are they from? That one underneath is like THE PERFECT postpartum mom shirt. You look awesome btw.

AmandaD said...

Just have to say that Reid is too cute! And the falling asleep while feeding the baby is pretty much a nightly thing around here :) cozy warm baby on my lap=best.sleep.ever

Kara Kae James - The Mom Diggity said...

It's SO hard to get back into a routine of blogging after having a baby! I'm terrified I will just need to delete my blog after having #3! ;)

Kristal said...

Repeat after me:

I am doing a good job.
I am doing a good job.
I am doing a good job.

<3 Love ya, mama!

Nelly said...

The magic is in the milk...just give it some time. I think your family is beautiful. Well done, Mama!

[dianegatorfan] said...

Reid is absolutely adorable. And we all give you a pass - being a mama, much less a mama to THREE, is crazy busy. Enjoy your time with your littles!

Anonymous said...

Cuties!! I have a terrible memory but I thought that you formula fed your first two. I've heard that BF babies may be slower to gain weight so maybe that's the difference if Reid is your first nursed baby.

Unknown said...

All three of your children are absolutely adorable! I have three 5 and under as well, so yes, I get how busy life is for you right now! Luckily I am not nursing anymore... so that frees up a lot of time! Hope you're getting some sleep! :-)

Mills Life said...

Hello, Im one of your new followers. I love your updates on you and the kiddos. Feel free to check my blog out and please follow back! I love connecting with other bloggers!

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